Office Space vs. Coworking

First off - no, we are not talking about one of the best movies ever made that features a red Swingline stapler. No, this is about actual workspaces. Are you one of the lucky ones who has already decided to escape the monotonous "Yeeeaaaahhhh..." of the middle-management drone and are going out on your own? CONGRATS! Now, the BIG decision - where do you work?

If a home office is not in the cards*, then you are probably thinking about either a) renting your own private office or b) joining a coworking space. How do you decide? Aha! We have some suggestions:

*A side note here: most of the time working from home should NOT be in the cards. Turns out that for most people it is a super distracting and non-productive environment. Unless you decide to do laundry for a living, then maybe home is best.


Working from a coworking space has a number of benefits: increased creativity, greater opportunity for focus, higher productivity, faster internet speed, a professional setting, etc. But that is where the similarities between renting a private office and a membership at a coworking location stop, and in some cases don't even exist!


It's true that in a private office you have more control over your work environment. In fact, you have all of the control because you are ALONE and are the only one paying the bills. And did we mention - you are alone? How creative are you really with no one to bounce ideas off?

Why Coworking?

Diversity. Coworking spaces are, by nature, diverse environments. They are places where talented individuals of all sorts of backgrounds, businesses, and expertise gather. Coworking allows you to quickly develop a broad network of not only potential collaborators but possible clients as well. And it's not all extroverts and social events! We have a number of introverts, and even a few ambiverts sprinkled in.

Flexibility. Not only can you change up your actual workspace depending on your hourly mood in a coworking space (bright and airy deskspace versus quiet and secluded couch), but you can set your own hours! You're a Night Owl? Most coworking spaces, including the Reno Collective, offer 24/7/365 access.

Lower Costs. It's a shared space thus all the costs are shared. Power, internet, printing, coffee, janitorial, repairs and maintenance, and much more. One monthly membership payment and little responsibility! Which, let's be honest, isn't that the biggest bummer of "adulting"?!?

Space. Also included in a monthly coworking membership? More space! Instead of swooning over that price per sq. ft. to add a conference room onto a private office rental(!), you can book one of the multiple spaces within a coworking space. At the Reno Collective, we have 2 conference rooms and 2 event/educational spaces for online booking - and there is no monthly limit.

It All Adds Up To Growth. Whether growth for you is working as an independent contractor or building a new team, coworking lends itself to your success. Coworking gives you the chance to work alongside other motivated individuals or to hire them! The chance to start something new with minimal overhead. The chance to build your clientele outside of crowded coffee shop business pitches.


Get in touch! Sign up for a tour. See for yourself.

Not Convinced?

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Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published June 17, 2019

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