Space to get things done

The Reno Collective is built around collaboration and community but we know that you have to get your work done too. Our space has the room and the tools to let you get things done, hold meetings and conferences or host an event.

Cafe Desks

The ground floor of Reno Collective is dedicated to our cafe desks. Commonly referred to as “hot desks,” they allow you the freedom to get your work done where and when you want.

Resident Desks

Resident desks offer a more permanent home for you and your business. Set it up just the way you need to work. Resident desks are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Team rooms are occasionally available upon request.

Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms can be easily booked by members to meet with clients or team members, hold video calls or host small meetups.


Coworking Studio

Multiple cafe desks are available in the coworking studio, which formerly housed the original recording studio. The studio has isolation rooms available for making phone and video calls, and is made available for events, classes and meetups organized by members.

Podcast Studio

The podcast studio is a great resource for anyone looking to start a podcast or getting into voice-over work. We offer classes on podcasting, some free for members, as well as the gear needed to make professional audio shows. Check out podcasts produced at Reno Collective.

Maker Studio

One of the converted music studios is now home to our maker studio. This studio currently offers members access to an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer, a vinyl cutter and soldering station. This studio can also be used for videography, larger recording sessions and team offsite meetings.