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The Space

A place to get things done


Get things done

Reno Collective has everything you need to get things done without the distractions of home or a coffee shop. Achieving inbox zero has never been easier.

Our space is setup to allow for flexibility and productivity. If you’d like to meet with someone over coffee, write emails on the couch or really just need to sit down and crank on something, we have space for you. If you’ve accomplished your goals for the day and you’re feeling a little social, you’ll find that too.

Startup Hubs

The earliest forms of collaboration took place in bazaars and marketplaces. People would travel from far away lands to trade goods, stories and knowledge with one another. With the advent of the internet, those same interactions have started to happen online but you really miss out on being able to truly meet people.

Come see it for yourself

Working around other people that are passionate about what they do creates an environment that is unlike anything else. There is a special kind of motivation that comes from surrounding yourself by other creative and talented individuals. If you’re trying to build a new startup, make it on your own as a freelancer or start up your own agency, we invite you to see what our community is all about.

In the heart of downtown Reno

Evolving Awesomeness

Our improvement list includes ideas for future awesomeness, as well as completed evolutions.