Collective Desk #3: Present

March 6, 2012 in Events

Reno’s Present will grace our coworking space this Friday, March 9 at 5 p.m. The rock trio is likely to shake things up a bit, trudging their hard-rock (some might say “punk-rock”) style into our—until now—folk-dominated venue.

The guys peg themselves as a cross between the longstanding alternative (some say “college”) rock group, REM and heavy metal (some say “stoner”) rock band, Kyuss.

The trio of Tobin Jones, Nick Ramirez and Roger Rowland formed in late 2010. They’ve thrashed, smashed, screamed and sang under the smoke and strobes of several local venues throughout Reno and Sparks, and now they’re stripping down to play our intimate office space under some fluorescent lights.

Come down, and have a beer. The guys from Present might have a few themselves.

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The Collective Crew

February 8, 2012 in Announcements, Profiles

If you’re familiar with the Collective at all, you’ve probably met or at least heard of its fearless founder Colin Loretz. And maybe you’re now wondering why you haven’t seen him around as much. He’s not a fictional character that we made up – he’s just off on a new adventure. Colin and Collective Co-Manager Chris Yoder are off building up a technology company in an undisclosed place in the US. (OK, it’s Texas) Knowing them, we know they’ll be highly successful and will be returning in April to a ticker tape parade, or at least a handful of confetti as they walk through the doors of the Collective.

In the meantime, two illustrious Collective members are running the show. Don Morrison and John Jusayan were integral in setting up the first annual Hack4Reno back in October and the Collective wouldn’t be the same without them. If you haven’t met them both, say hi next time you see them and in the meantime, here’s an informal introduction.

John @jrbj



John Jusayan helps manage the Reno Collective and writes iOS and Mac apps for his company, Treeness. A UNR alumnus, he earned a B.A. in Creative writing and an M.A. in Computer Science while attending there. In what remains of his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, and listening to music. He’s lived in Reno since 2000, after falling in love with the place.



Don @elskwid



Don Morrison works with Amphora Research Systems and is a community manager at the Reno Collective. He is a family man and long-time denizen of Reno, Nevada. He spends his time programming, mostly in Ruby, and drumming, mostly on DW drums. He loves Reno, open data and has a new love affair with the martial art Aikido.


Collective Desk Concerts #1: Big Remote

February 1, 2012 in Events

Let’s try something different.

Well, this is Reno Collective, so let’s continue to do things differently.

Let’s host a show. Let’s host several shows – shows by local bands in a stripped-down style at our more-than-modest venue. In the spirit of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, let’s showcase talent in a non-standard venue and open them up to the public. We’ll have a show every other week. And hey, if these little shindigs catch on, maybe we’ll go weekly.

First up: Lander Street’s own, Big Remote – featuring Reno Collective Marvel Don Morrison.

Come out and watch these guys slappa da bass. It’s free and friendly. Stay for the company. If you can’t make it, we’ll publish a few songs on our concerts page after the fun.

Hope to see you there!

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Reynolds School partners with Reno Collective

January 24, 2012 in Releases

Community members and Reynolds students meet up for a WordPress crash course - Photo by David Calvert

Two of Reno’s leaders in interactive technology education and production have joined forces. Beginning this spring semester, UNR’s Reynolds School of Journalism (RSJ) and Reno Collective (RC) will bring higher education and professional coworking under the same umbrella. The quietly anticipated partnership between the two communities—both of which emphasize the value of interaction on a personal and global level—is finally official.

As part of the coupling, eight Reynolds School graduate students will receive free semester-long memberships to the Reno Collective coworking space – where they will be able to pick the brains of some of the most talented designers, programmers and creative types in the city. The eight memberships share a combined value of $800 per month, but the intrinsic value is priceless.

“These grad students will be able to work within the space, hack on their projects and practice their thesis defenses,” said RC member Don Morrison. “They’ll gain some valuable insight on the apps, websites, games and materials they’ll be designing throughout the semester.”

Reno Collective will gain a respected ally in the Reynolds school, adding a talented core of communicators, journalists and PR professionals to the group’s flowering member base. The Collective, which recently made news by hosting the city’s first ever 24-hour civic hackathon, will further the educational goals of RSJ by offering short courses and job-shadowing opportunities for grad and undergrad students.

Donica Mensing, acting dean of the journalism school, said this combination of entrepreneurs and academics will make for a richer, brighter future for everyone living in The Biggest Little City.

“We plan to partner with the Collective to provide training, offer workshops and sponsor events that will benefit our students, the campus and the community,” Mensing said. “In addition, we hope to benefit from the energy and expertise of the members of the Reno Collective in helping us be more innovative, engaging and entrepreneurial in our work.”

# # #

Reno Collective is Reno, Nevada’s best and brightest coworking space. Members of the collective are skilled in a multitude of platforms, including (but not limited to) programming, design, communications, fundraising and accounting. Anyone can join Reno Collective and benefit from a fun coworking space filled with Reno’s best talents. To join, stop by the space at 522 Lander St., or visit

Press contact:
Don Morrison
Reno Collective
522 Lander Street
Reno, NV 89509

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Collaboration for the win

November 29, 2011 in Announcements, Inspiration

Get a group of people together around a whiteboard and give each of them a different color marker. Set them loose on a topic and you’ll be amazed by what happens. You get the opportunity to see how other people think how they visualize problems and, above all else, how different perspectives can create innovative solutions.

We love whiteboards. We have many whiteboards in all shapes and sizes. One of our members, Chris, has been experimenting with various plastics and plexiglass to get his ideas out of his head and out into the real world.

We had a small area of Ideapaint at our old space and we loved it so when we learned that Ideapaint was having a makeover contest, we knew we had to get involved.

Help us win an Ideapaint Makeover!

Reno Collective is one of the 10 finalists in the ideapaint360 makeover contest. You can vote every day from now until December 4th. Help us out and vote here!

Building an online community

August 11, 2008 in Announcements

While we are looking for a building to house Reno Collective, we have setup a “social network” to build our community online before taking it to the streets.

If you are interested in being a part of the Reno Collective family, check it out at Create a profile and get involved!

This little experiment is powered by Ning. I’m not a fan of the Google ads they plaster on everything but hey, it keeps it free. We’ll eventually move to something different for our online community interaction, either a custom application built in ruby on rails or a community wiki.