Collective Desk #9: Rigorous Proof

June 6, 2012 in Announcements, Events

I’ll know I’ve really made my way when there are lots of boys who want to see me naked.


I’m just goofing on Rigorous Proof’s single, “Carolina,” but all silliness aside – the boys have some chops. Heavy on the reverb and peppered with distortion, it’ll be interesting to see the group’s acoustic adaptation for CDC9 this Friday at 5 p.m. at Reno Collective.

Come on down. We can have some Beer:30 action at 4:30 p.m. then listen and watch these Reno locals put on a groovtacular show for us.

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Collective Desk #8: Memory Motel

May 23, 2012 in Events

I’m not sure exactly what Foltronica is, but I know it’ll be at The Reno Collective for CDC8.

If you’re as curious as I am to put a sound to the title, come on down to 522 Lander St. and check out Memory Motel. Beer:30 starts at 4:30 p.m. and the show’s at 5 p.m. so come have a visit, hang out with your bangs out, and stay for the folktronic wonderments.

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Calling all RNO Nightowls

April 3, 2012 in Announcements

You “wake up” after the sun has set. Your best work happens when the rest of Reno is in bed. The glow of your laptop screen fuels late night hack sessions. Your brain just functions better in the dark.

Did any of that sound familiar? Yeah, you’re a Nightowl.

Until now you’ve had to labor away in your kitchen or den into the wee hours of the morning but starting Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 (that’s tomorrow!) you can stay up late with us! You see, Flash Mallach, our resident denizen of the night, wants you to know you’re not alone. He is convinced that there is a small cadre of you that shun the ball o’flame in the sky and still crave the same collaborative environment the day-walkers enjoy.

With that in mind, he has arranged to host a Reno Collective Nightowl night every Wednesday from 6PM til 12AM. Wednesdays are already pretty busy around here so we thought “why not finish the day with a bang?”. Nightowl nights also coincide with Hacknights every month which allows us to keep the doors open even later for the hacking.

So, Nightowls start every Wednesday at 6PM and go until 12AM. This event is included with your Reno Collective membership. Not a member? (You should fix that!) If you come in after 6PM the drop-in rate will be $5. We’ll keep the doors open for a couple of hours then you’ll need to use the doorbell to get in.

See you Wednesday night?

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Now Showing: the art of Richard Wells

March 26, 2012 in Featured, Inspiration

It’s pretty colorful in the Collective building, but now, even more. Reno artist Richard Wells has lent 22 of his rich abstract pieces to our humble offices to liven up the blank walls. (see photos) Installed February 17 by the artist himself, Richard’s works are bright acrylic paints combined with tons and tons of texture. Look closely and you recognize buttons, nails, jewels, pieces of paper, cloth, leather and other surprises. Richard has a long history in theater costume design, an inspiration that has seeped into this work.

Richard loves to travel and always brings back bits and scraps from each adventure. He incorporates these into a composition, as his impression of the time or place, obvious by the names of the works such as “Night Market/Bankok” and “Prague Castle.” He uses acrylic paint because, he admits, “I have no patience to wait for oils to dry” and prefers bright colors, especially purples, in part as a response to his slight colorblindness. The pieces that are showing at the Collective were created over a three-four year period, but Richard has been using these same techniques for most of his 30 years as an artist.

We’re so thrilled to have Richard’s work inspiring our offices, and may never let him take them back. We’re thankful to Jill Berryman of the Nevada Alliance for Arts Education (a Reno Collective member) for introducing the idea and Richard to us. Yes, the pieces are for sale but hands off the purple one I have my eye on. Be sure to wander around the halls and check out all of Richard’s work, or visit him at his website at

Many thanks to Richard for sharing his fabulous talent with us.

Photos courtesy of Calvert Photography (thanks, David).


Collective Desk #3: Present

March 6, 2012 in Events

Reno’s Present will grace our coworking space this Friday, March 9 at 5 p.m. The rock trio is likely to shake things up a bit, trudging their hard-rock (some might say “punk-rock”) style into our—until now—folk-dominated venue.

The guys peg themselves as a cross between the longstanding alternative (some say “college”) rock group, REM and heavy metal (some say “stoner”) rock band, Kyuss.

The trio of Tobin Jones, Nick Ramirez and Roger Rowland formed in late 2010. They’ve thrashed, smashed, screamed and sang under the smoke and strobes of several local venues throughout Reno and Sparks, and now they’re stripping down to play our intimate office space under some fluorescent lights.

Come down, and have a beer. The guys from Present might have a few themselves.

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The Collective Crew

February 8, 2012 in Announcements, Profiles

If you’re familiar with the Collective at all, you’ve probably met or at least heard of its fearless founder Colin Loretz. And maybe you’re now wondering why you haven’t seen him around as much. He’s not a fictional character that we made up – he’s just off on a new adventure. Colin and Collective Co-Manager Chris Yoder are off building up a technology company in an undisclosed place in the US. (OK, it’s Texas) Knowing them, we know they’ll be highly successful and will be returning in April to a ticker tape parade, or at least a handful of confetti as they walk through the doors of the Collective.

In the meantime, two illustrious Collective members are running the show. Don Morrison and John Jusayan were integral in setting up the first annual Hack4Reno back in October and the Collective wouldn’t be the same without them. If you haven’t met them both, say hi next time you see them and in the meantime, here’s an informal introduction.

John @jrbj



John Jusayan helps manage the Reno Collective and writes iOS and Mac apps for his company, Treeness. A UNR alumnus, he earned a B.A. in Creative writing and an M.A. in Computer Science while attending there. In what remains of his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, and listening to music. He’s lived in Reno since 2000, after falling in love with the place.



Don @elskwid



Don Morrison works with Amphora Research Systems and is a community manager at the Reno Collective. He is a family man and long-time denizen of Reno, Nevada. He spends his time programming, mostly in Ruby, and drumming, mostly on DW drums. He loves Reno, open data and has a new love affair with the martial art Aikido.


Collective Desk Concerts #1: Big Remote

February 1, 2012 in Events

Let’s try something different.

Well, this is Reno Collective, so let’s continue to do things differently.

Let’s host a show. Let’s host several shows – shows by local bands in a stripped-down style at our more-than-modest venue. In the spirit of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, let’s showcase talent in a non-standard venue and open them up to the public. We’ll have a show every other week. And hey, if these little shindigs catch on, maybe we’ll go weekly.

First up: Lander Street’s own, Big Remote – featuring Reno Collective Marvel Don Morrison.

Come out and watch these guys slappa da bass. It’s free and friendly. Stay for the company. If you can’t make it, we’ll publish a few songs on our concerts page after the fun.

Hope to see you there!

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Painting Progress at our New Location

January 12, 2011 in Announcements

Here’s another video of the progress we’re making at our new location at 522 Lander (right behind My Favorite Muffin, off of California Ave)! We’ve been painting all week and last week, and the upstairs is now much further along than you see in this video- we should be finished it today.

We would be open for coworking already but our new telecom company delayed the installation of our high-speed internet. That should come in today or tomorrow, so don’t worry coworkers- we’re just about ready for you!!!

We’ll be open for cafe members on Monday, January 17th! If you’ve got some spare time and want to volunteer, come on down this week. Even if you just want to check it out or ask questions, feel free to stop by- we’re here from 8:30am to 5:00pm every day.

Reno Collective Coworking is Moving!

November 11, 2010 in Announcements

Thank you everyone who has helped us make 2010 such an amazing year for coworking and innovation in Reno! While we have loved our home at 250 Bell St., it is time for us to move to a new space of our own by January 1st, and prepare for even more growth in 2011.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Making Reno the Hub of Innovation

Over the last year, we have built a community of freelancers, independent workers and start-ups in Reno, Nevada in the interest of turning our city into a technological beacon in the Western United States. The Reno Collective is a community center where innovators from the spectrum of industries: tech/Internet, photography, videography, project management, recruitment, entertainment media and more work side by side, inspiring and sharing with one another in an environment that offers far more resources and support than they could afford at home, for far less than they’d pay at even a bare-bones executive suite or office building.

Instead of relying solely on spaces such as California’s Bay Area or Seattle for developing start-ups and outstanding, innovative small businesses, we strongly believe that by supporting the individuals who have great ideas here in our own city we can also shine just as brightly. From that belief, we opened our co-working space, the Reno Collective, in January 2010 in the Cathexes building, one of the most inspiring and creative spaces in Reno.

New Heights of Community Growth

Since then, though, we have outgrown this space, and we need to build out another one as soon as possible. We’re moving to a larger building on Lander Avenue, just off of California Avenue, which will facilitate helping more people, launching more businesses and growing Reno’s tech and start-up community to a size that will put us on the map.

By drawing support from the businesses and individuals who share our vision, we plan to transform our new space into the ultimate environment for fostering growth and innovation in our city. We have much planned for 2011, and along with the support of our community we will make it happen.

Ideas Becoming Reality

The Reno Collective doesn’t have a bunch of employees, yet we’ve managed to build a community of co-workers who make amazing things. We haven’t taken on huge loans or received investment from a big corporation. Our community started out as a dream of Colin Loretz and Ed Adkins, two freelancers who longed for a community like this to work in and help grow.

Since that first dream, not only has the Collective opened its doors to several freelancers and professionals who have used the space to build their own companies, but it has become home to Colin and Ed’s joint venture, Lively Labs.

In order to build the community we’ve dreamed of, the Collective has hosted numerous events such as Ignite Reno and WordCamp Reno, which have consistently grown in attendance and connected the tech community to each other. Recently, we also began hosting Reno Hacknights,where programmers meet to solve problems and share ideas to build their own personal projects.

What to Expect in Our New Space

What will our new building be like? Right now we’re busy preparing it by painting walls, running cables and tearing down walls. When we open we will have three times the coworking space that we currently do, a super fast wireless network that will support massive traffic, and new levels of membership to facilitate a wider spectrum of start-up stages. In addition, since we’ll be located just off of California Avenue, we’ll be even closer to a greater number of the local restaurants, bars, postal facilities and other resources that our members love to support.

We will be announcing a host of events to kick off the new year in our new home, including the next Ignite Reno, our grand reopening and other new events to pull our community together. Again, we are extremely grateful for the support we’ve received from Reno, from the companies at 250 Bell St., and everyone else who has contributed to our growth. We promise to continue to work even harder to make 2011 even more record-braking than this year has been.

And now, here’s a teaser of what our new space looks like!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be busy scraping, painting and adding cool things to make this spot conducive to supporting our coworking community. We welcome your comments, questions and help! Keep an eye out for our new membership opportunities & events!