Reopening Reno Collective

Our goal in our first rollout is to return to work as safely as possible. We know there are many scenarios that you might have questions about and we are happy to answer those as they arise.

If you have any questions or need any help during this process, please reach out to Rachel and Colin at

This is a lot of information but we wanted to err on the side of giving you as much information as possible. You will not have to remember all of these things off the top of your head! We will review these details with you during your RC Onboarding Appointment. You are required to wear a mask at this appointment. See below for details on scheduling this appointment.

Current Status: Reno Collective plans to reopen on June 8, 2020

Supporting You and Your Business

As always, we’re here to help you and your business. If you need anything, please reach out to us. If we can’t help directly, we’ll find someone who can! We don’t want anyone to have to leave our community because of financial hardship or loss of business during this time.

Pay What You Can Membership
If you are having any financial difficulties during this time, reach out to Rachel at and we can change your rate, no questions asked. Even if you aren’t able to continue paying, you will still be a member and we encourage you to leverage our community to take care of yourself and your business.

Government Business Relief
If you have any questions around the various business loans and pandemic unemployment programs, especially as a self-employed individual, we can also help direct you to resources there. Many in our community have gone through this process.

Space Renovations

We had plans pre-pandemic to open up our space with a renovation! We are in the middle of this construction right now and while we had originally planned to open at the start of June, we are still wrapping up construction. This renovation will open up our space so that we can better accommodate physical distancing in the space.

RC Rollout 1 - Current Rollout

We will be opening Reno Collective to current members on June 8, 2020.

The following are the initial restrictions that will allow us to return to work. These are not permanent and they are not static, they will change as is safe to do so.

  1. The space will only be available to members.
  2. Members will be able to return after scheduling an RC Onboarding Appointment (see below)
  3. No guests, including non-member family members or children
  4. No tours or new members at this time
  5. The kitchen will be mostly closed and not available as a work space
  6. It is highly encouraged that you not use the kitchen unless unavoidable
  7. Water machine will still be available. If you don’t want to rely on that, we recommend bringing in a filled water bottle each day!
  8. The refrigerator will be available for the day but will be emptied at the end of each day
  9. Communal coffee making devices (espresso machine, etc) will not be available
  10. If you opt into using the water machine or fridge, please use a wipe or glove when using the buttons or handles
  11. Touchless hand sanitizer stations have been added
  12. The space will initially be open Monday through Friday in RC Shifts (see below)
  13. The podcast equipment will not be available for this rollout
  14. The podcast studio will temporarily become a phone room
  15. All phone rooms and conference rooms will be bookable online

What You Can Expect From Reno Collective

  1. Cleaning of high-touch surfaces twice a day
  2. Janitorial three times a week
  3. Visibly posted cleaning schedule
  4. Reconfigured common areas
  5. Reduced number of chairs
  6. Visible “dots” for ideal workspaces in common areas
  7. Signage to help make the safest decisions in the space
  8. Air purifiers in common areas
  9. HVAC has been inspected and maintained
  10. Windows can be opened by RC team to add natural airflow
  11. Additional outdoor seating options

What We Expect from You

  1. You are required to wear a face mask when moving through the space
  2. You do not have to wear a face mask at your desk, please store it in a bag and in your personal belongings, not on the desk
  3. Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer after interacting with high-touch surfaces. Soap and Hand sanitizer will be provided
  4. Required to wipe down meeting rooms and phone rooms after you’ve finished using them. Cleaning supplies to be provided.
  5. Required to wipe down your desk after you are finished for the day. Cleaning supplies to be provided.
  6. Stay home if you are feeling sick or have any symptoms of sickness
  7. Stay home if a household member is sick
  8. Stay home if you have recently traveled by plane or stayed in a hotel
  9. Take care of yourself, we know this is an anxious time for everyone. Please let us know if you need anything
  10. Continue to avoid large parties or gatherings if you are coming into the space

RC Shifts

The following shifts will allow for high-touch cleaning and a safe, staggered return to the space.

Monday through Friday
RC AM Shift, 8am - 12pm
RC High Touch Cleaning, 12pm - 1pm
RC PM Shift, 1pm - 5pm
RC High Touch Cleaning, 5pm - 6pm

Cafe Members
There will be a way to let us know which shifts you are coming in so we can plan for head count. We will have a fixed number of cafe spaces open each shift/day. This is an experiment and we will adjust this as needed. You can sign up for both a morning and an afternoon shift if you plan to be in the space all day. The noon cleaning shift is a great time to go grab lunch or take a walk!

Resident Members
Resident members will need to coordinate with their office mates in terms of shifts. Some offices allow for physical distancing while others do not. Please reach out to Rachel if you need to get in touch with the others in your office. We will be reaching out to each of you directly to coordinate. Just like cafe members, there will be a way to let us know what days and shifts you will be in so we can all plan accordingly and not go over capacity.

Members will not be allowed to be in the space outside of the AM and PM shift. You are welcome to work during both shifts but please plan ahead for a work break from 12pm-1pm.

RC Onboarding Appointments

These appointments will allow members to return in a staggered manner while also allowing us to go over all of the items in this document. Returning to Reno Collective during RC Rollout 1 will require you to agree to our new Covid Code of Conduct. We will email the link to members on June 1st.

As we successfully return to work in the previous rollout, we will begin to open up some of the restrictions from above. More information will be communicated on these as they happen.

Social vs Physical Distancing: Online Programs

While most of the media has focused on the term “social distancing”, we like to make the distinction that we’ve been physically distanced while continuing to work at home and interact with the community online.

Cotivation Show & Tell | Friday, May 29th at noon
We have just wrapped up our first 100% online Cotivation program and the members from that program will be presenting their projects during Show & Tell on Friday, May 29th at noon. Members can check out these presentations in the #remoteworkparty Zoom.

We will continue to host our online events as we begin the reopening so everyone can continue to participate in our programs without having to be in the physical space.

  • • RC online community, #remoteworkparty in Slack
  • • Cowork & Coffee Check-in at 9am, daily
  • • Cotivation at noon, Fridays
  • • Happy Hour & Zoom Games at 4:30pm, Fridays

Rapid Fire Questions about RC Rollout 1

Thanks to Cat Johnson for these top of mind questions from the global coworking community.

  1. Are people working in the space now?

Not yet! We will be reopening on June 8th.

  1. Are people wearing masks?

We are requiring masks while moving through the space.

  1. Will it be uncomfortable/weird to wear a mask all day?

You will only have to wear a mask while not at your desk.

  1. How can I make sure I don’t get sick, and don’t get anyone else sick?

Use your best judgement about whether or not it is time for you to return. We are still encouraging people to WFH as much as you are able. We understand that many members are eager to get back and we want to be able to provide the opportunity to return. If you are sick or have any symptoms of being sick, including things like feeling run down or tired, it might be a good idea to stay home to protect yourself and the community. We’d love to see you when you are feeling better.

  1. How will I get coffee?

We are working on something with Coffeebar but if there is a coffee you like in particular, we recommend picking up a thermos and bringing it in!

  1. Will we have flow arrows on the floor?

Unfortunately our space does not really allow for single direction flow of traffic. See the question below regarding narrow hallways.

  1. Will we have social distance standing dots in common areas?

This is an interesting one! We ask that you don’t socialize indoors but instead are adding new outdoor seating options to allow for responsible socializing outside on the deck and in the yard. Indoors, we will be adding physical distance dots to common work areas to indicate safe work spaces.

  1. Are the other members going to be careful or cavalier?

We are a community and based on our 10 years of coworking, the community cares about one another and will behave accordingly. Everyone must agree to our Covid Code of Conduct for Rollout 1 and follow it in order to return to the space during the first rollout.

These initial restrictions are out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our coworking community. We know it is summer-time and there will be BBQs and celebrations but we ask that if you are coming into the space that you continue to avoid larger gatherings and parties to protect our community. If you feel like that is not something you can do, we ask that you hold off on returning to the space for now.

  1. What about all the door handles?

Door handles will be cleaned twice daily as part of our high-touch cleaning schedule, as well as light-switches and faucet handles.

  1. What about the narrow hallways?

We ask that everyone keeps the hallways free and clear. If you see someone coming down a hallway, simply move backwards and let them pass and continue on your way. We are requiring masks be worn while moving through the hallways to keep exposure low.

  1. Does it make sense for me to go in?

That depends entirely on you. We ask that during RC Rollout 1 that members who are able to work from home successfully, continue doing so. We also understand that for many that WFH is incredibly frustrating (probably why you decided to join a coworking space!) As long as you are comfortable with the expectations we have of you, and that you can expect from us, you are welcome to come in.

  1. When will I go in?

We will start Rollout 1 with two shifts: AM (8am - 12pm) and PM (1 - 5pm), weekdays only.

  1. How will I know it’s the right time for me to go in?

We ask that you use your best judgement on this! If you believe you are at risk, it is ok to take your time returning to the space as we all see how “reopening the economy” pans out. Remember you can join us online at any of the events planned. If you have any questions about our plans or precautions, please reach out!

  1. Will people try to shake my hand?

We ask that everyone refrains from physical greetings. Air high-fives!

  1. Will it be super awkward to not shake hands or greet others in a physical way?

We hope not, but perhaps at first.

  1. How many days a week should I go in?

This will be up to you!

  1. How will they keep the phone room clean?

Phone rooms will be available as longer-term bookable spaces and reservable via Robin. Members using the phone rooms are required to wipe down the surfaces after use. Cleaning products will be provided.

  1. Will I use the phone room / conference room?

Phone rooms (see above) and conference rooms will be available only as reservable work spaces. Conference rooms will be limited to max 2 people per room at a time. Members using the rooms are required to wipe down the surfaces after use. Cleaning products will be provided.

  1. What about the restrooms?

Restrooms will be open for use. High-touch surfaces (lightswitches, faucets, etc) will be cleaned twice per day every day. We ask that members limit their use to the bathroom on the floor they are working.

  1. If I don’t use the phone room, where will I take my calls?

Phone calls should be scheduled for when you reserved the use of a phone or conference room, otherwise can be taken outside. If a room is not available to reserve you may consider scheduling calls when at home.

  1. Will we have air purifiers?


  1. Should I get a dedicated desk?

Dedicated desks are available if that is something of interest to you.

  1. What will the coworking area be like?

There will not be any shared tables. All tables will be physically distanced with a dot on them to indicate that they are a safe place to work at. Each table will be able to be reserved by you for a shift or the full day to limit the number of people using each table, each day.

  1. Should I work in the quiet zone where fewer people hang out?

You are welcome to work in either of the two common areas as long as there is an available spot to do so. We will have a way for you to know how many people are in the space for each shift. We ask that residents restrict their working to their individual desk spaces unless otherwise coordinated.

  1. How will we do celebrations and happy hours?

We will be continuing our online events! Happy Hours at 4:30pm on Fridays! We can also do some physically distant, responsible celebrations outside on the deck and in the yard.

  1. Am I overthinking all of this?

It is impossible to do so! We’re all right there with you. We’ve sat on hours of webinars, talked to health professionals, surveyed all of our members and even still we wonder “What else can we do?” All of this has been worth exploring because the community is worth it.

Take Care of Yourself

We are here to support you more than ever. That might mean different things for different people right now. That is ok. Take the time to rest. Take the time to plan. Take the time to work on your business. Whatever it takes, we have your back.