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October 14, 2020
Reno, Nevada
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Are you so organized that you put Marie Kondo to shame? Are The One ThingGetting Things DoneGood to Great, and The 4-Hour Work Week on your bookshelf? Do you get chills thinking about managing a talented and close-knit marketing team to meet some real BHAGs? If so, read on. We’re looking for a Unicorn Wrangler, a maestro in all things management and direct-response marketing, to manage our marketing team.  

Does this sound like you? 

  • You thrive in a constantly changing environment with an intense workload 
  • You’re bored if you’re not juggling multiple projects and responsibilities at once 
  • Delegation” is your middle name (What were your parents thinking?!), so it’s natural for you to see the strengths in your team, delegate appropriately, and follow-up to keep them accountable 
  • You straighten crooked wall art at other people’s houses without asking 
  • You love when your email and Slack light up with notifications and jump at the chance to solve problems and support others 
  • Your friends and family call you "Type A" as a compliment 
  • You have a passion for people, and get immense satisfaction out of training, supporting, and pushing them to do their best 
  • You must have been a Grandmaster chess player in a past life because you naturally assemble teams into something that is exponentially greater than all of the solo players simply put together 
  • Rigid schedules and structures make you feel confined… your coworkers receive emails from you during odd hours and you’ve been asked more than once if you ever sleep 
  • You don’t consider your work to be “work” and feel like there is never enough time in the day to get to everything you want to do 
  • You despise busy work and are constantly worried about using everyone’s time in the most effective way possible 
  • You ruthlessly prioritize and think about everything in terms of results 
  • You work best with a team of autonomous A-Players that challenge you and surprise you daily with their inventive approach to solving problems 
  • You thrive in a small business culture with minimal structure and immense responsibility  
  • You have no problem using your own judgement to make decisions and move projects forward 
  • You’re often asked to handle difficult conversations and give constructive, honest feedback since you are such an effective communicator  
  • You don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make connections, or negotiate your way into a better deal 
  • You are patient while training others but have an internal sense of urgency to Get. Things. Done.  

If reading this makes your brain buzz, you could be our Gandalf.  You’ll manage our team of Content Alchemists (who produce rad content), Data Automation Ninja (responsible for all things tech), and our Creative Juicer (direct-response copywriter and designer).   

This position entails: 

  • Working closely with our Marketing Director to implement her ideas, strategies, and vision.  You’ll be the liaison between our Marketing Director and the marketing team. 
  • Managing and prioritizing a multitude of projects and goals.  Expect constant shifting of priorities — it’s your responsibility to keep your team up-to-date and on track.  
  • Working across teams to make sure marketing is working in line with company priorities and supporting other departments as needed 
  • Training your team, checking the quality of their work, giving constructive feedback, and working through any employee issues 
  • Delegating projects and tasks to team members based on their strengths and the most efficient path to reach our goals 
  • Quality assurance: You’ll be the last set of eyes on all assets before they go live and we’ll rely on you to find inconsistencies and outdated messaging 
  • Attending all meetings, taking detailed notes, and communicating that information to the rest of the team or coworkers outside of our team 
  • Ensuring all processes and procedures are documented by team members  
  • Checking in with team members on a regular basis to ensure that job expectations are being met and that they are happy 
  • Maintaining availability to respond to critical and timely tasks 
  • Communicating priorities, progress, and results to our team and other departments 

Experience Requirements: 

  • Prior management experience is required.   
  • Marketing experience is preferred, but not required.  

Are you our Unicorn Wrangler? 

This is a full-time, salaried position. You will receive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits, plus the opportunity to participate in an employee investment program (which is the same thing you wholeheartedly believe in marketing every day).  

To apply for the Unicorn Wrangler position: 

Step 1: Please send your resume and cover letter directly to Mention your favorite book when you send in your cover letter. That way I know you really did read through this ridiculously good looking I mean, long, job description. 

Step 2: Please spend 10 minutes to answer these questions which will give us an idea of your work-related needs: Culture Index Survey  

You can learn more about some of our businesses here:        

P.S. Wizards aren't real but rockstar team members areWe can't wait to meet you. 🙂  

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