Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Member access hours are based on membership level. Day Passes and tours are by appointment only.

Where do I park?

We have our own parking lot on the west side of the building and near the entrance along Mt. Rose Street.

How do I connect to Wifi?

The current password is always posted on a whiteboard. Ask your host.

What about phone calls?

Get a room! Please take all calls in one of the three phone rooms. First come, first served.

Is it okay to eat at my desk?

You may eat at your desk. Please clean up after yourself and put your dishes in the dishwasher.

How do I get caffeinated?

Caffeine is on us. There’s unlimited organic coffee, tea & fixings available in the kitchen. Help yourself. Alternatively, there are several coffee shops within walking distance.

Who do I contact if something goes awry?

If you’re a visitor, your point of contact is your host. If you’re a member text or call:775-391-0195

Some reasons to contact us: lights, plumbing issues, wifi not working, etc.

Some reasons NOT to call us: it’s 2am and you can’t print, no one has liked your recent Facebook post, you can’t find your chop suey in the fridge

I’m ready. How do I join?

We’d like to get to know you in person. (After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together). Make an appointment.

How much does a membership cost? What do I get?

The membership levels and prices are list here.

How do I get the most out of my membership?

We have a Member Portal, a Facebook Group, a Website and a Slack Channel. Join them. But the best way is to spend time in the space. Introduce yourself. Invite someone to coffee. Find out what people around you are doing. Help each other out. Come to events and meetups. And little by little (it’s not magic and it doesn’t happen overnight) you will find yourself involved.

Can I rent the entire space for my party/reception/shindig?

Sorry, no. The space belongs to the members as their dues pay the rent. They expect it to be available to them to work in. That said, the members may hold events or meetups in the space by special arrangement.

Can I just rent a conference room?

No. The conference rooms (there are two) are a shared resource for paying members.

Who runs this place?

The Reno Collective is 100% bootstrapped and locally owned by four individuals who are also self-employed, active members of the community. It is run day to day with help from the members. Membership dues pay to keep Reno Collective operating; there are no government grants, university associations, or any other donations.

Why shouldn’t I just work from home or from Starbucks?

Let’s face it: If you’re even looking at this page, you probably don’t ever have to leave your living room to “go” to work. So why bother? Most people find that working from home is amazing–until it’s not! There are the constant distractions and temptations of family, pets and laundry; and the complete lack of division between work time and personal time. And the moment when you realize you haven’t taken off your jammie pants in three months. Yep–time to get out! So you head to Starbucks.

There’s always a time and place for Starbucks. You’ll even spot us working there (or at our local espresso spot). However, there’s only so much coffee you can drink in order to justify the real estate you’re consuming. Sometimes the energy is wrong and the phone conversations are loud.

That’s the point at which you’ll seek out an alternative.

At Reno Collective you’ll find a focused energy and intense buzz that encourages productivity. We’ve got a secure and fast fiber internet connection. There’s a good benefit to getting to know some coworkers around you, seeing familiar faces, making connections, and feeling part of a bigger community. There are a lot of amenities too: Like a legal address that’s not your apartment, a place to meet someone you might rather not invite to your living room, and tools like erase boards and projectors. And the coffee here is included!

Who are your members?

Our members are a diverse group. The common denominator is that all of our members could work from home, but choose not to for various reasons. Contrary to popular belief, we are not all programmers and you don’t have to be a programmer to join. We’re actually about 50% programmers. The rest run the gamut from marketing professionals to geological engineers with a lot of graphic and web designers in between. Many are self employed, many are part of a small company, and some are telecommuters for companies headquartered elsewhere. Some of us are full time students who like the space for studying at all hours and some are people with full time jobs who come in on nights and weekends to further our own projects. We range in age from 16 – 70. (That’s not to say there’s an upper limit. However, memberships for individuals under 18 are by special permission.)