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Reno Collective Experiments

Reno Collective experiments are projects built by Reno Collective members. Our space is built for collaboration and here you will find the fruits of labor that comes out of collaboration between our members and the community.


Colorstache allows users of the popular Evernote application to login, search and browse their Evernote archives by color.

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Developed and designed by Colin Loretz, Chris Yoder and Kevin Jones



Hack4Reno is a series of events, workshops and mixers leading up to a 24 Hour Hackathon for developers, designers and technologists that centers around building apps, tools and websites using openly available data to help make Reno a more informed and engaged community.

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Hack4Reno is organized by Colin Loretz, Don Morrison and Chris Yoder in partnership with the City of Reno. Logo designed by Diego Sagobal.