Cotivation Mastermind Program

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Many of our members join Reno Collective to create a sense of accountability for themselves. Having a physical space to get work done is a great start but sometimes we all need a little bit of accountability too. To do that, we run a mastermind program called Cotivation.

What is Cotivation?

Cotivation* is an eight-week program, with members meeting on a weekly basis to set goals and revisit previous commitments.

This means that every member has a chance to make progress with the help of fellow coworkers.

Weekly meetings ensure everyone has a sense of accountability as well as ongoing guidance from helpful peers. Challenges are routinely identified, tackled, then re-examined, so you can feel a sense of progress in your work but also make strides in your business or personal growth.

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*Community Hat Tip: The Cotivation format was originally created by Tony Bacigalupo and Susan Dorsch and we have adapted and evolved it to fit the Reno Collective community over the last 4 years.

Fall 2021 Cotivation

Our Fall Cotivation 2021 program will kick off on September 17th with meetings on Fridays.

  • Week 1 - September 17
  • Week 2 - September 24
  • Week 3 - October 1
  • Week 4 - October 8
  • Week 5 - October 15
  • Week 6 - October 22
  • Week 7 - October 29
  • Week 8 - November 5

If you'd like to join us for the Fall program, Reno Collective members can apply today.

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Cotivation is available to active Reno Collective members. If you are not yet a member, you can learn more here.

Upcoming Programs

  • Winter 2022: Coming January 2022
  • Spring 2022: Coming April 2022
  • Summer Break! ☀️ 😎
  • Fall 2022: September 2022

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