Now Showing: the art of Richard Wells

March 26, 2012 in Featured, Inspiration

It’s pretty colorful in the Collective building, but now, even more. Reno artist Richard Wells has lent 22 of his rich abstract pieces to our humble offices to liven up the blank walls. (see photos) Installed February 17 by the artist himself, Richard’s works are bright acrylic paints combined with tons and tons of texture. Look closely and you recognize buttons, nails, jewels, pieces of paper, cloth, leather and other surprises. Richard has a long history in theater costume design, an inspiration that has seeped into this work.

Richard loves to travel and always brings back bits and scraps from each adventure. He incorporates these into a composition, as his impression of the time or place, obvious by the names of the works such as “Night Market/Bankok” and “Prague Castle.” He uses acrylic paint because, he admits, “I have no patience to wait for oils to dry” and prefers bright colors, especially purples, in part as a response to his slight colorblindness. The pieces that are showing at the Collective were created over a three-four year period, but Richard has been using these same techniques for most of his 30 years as an artist.

We’re so thrilled to have Richard’s work inspiring our offices, and may never let him take them back. We’re thankful to Jill Berryman of the Nevada Alliance for Arts Education (a Reno Collective member) for introducing the idea and Richard to us. Yes, the pieces are for sale but hands off the purple one I have my eye on. Be sure to wander around the halls and check out all of Richard’s work, or visit him at his website at

Many thanks to Richard for sharing his fabulous talent with us.

Photos courtesy of Calvert Photography (thanks, David).


Reno Rising Meetup Wed 2/16

February 14, 2012 in Events, Inspiration

Have you been thinking, “Man, there’s a lot of cool stuff happening around Reno! I want to learn more and get involved.” Yeah, we thought so. There’s a whole bunch of people just like you and we’re all getting together for the first time tomorrow night.

It’s less of a group and more of a movement, an excitement. It’s called Reno Rising and the idea is to collaborate & support each other on creative action. If we join forces, there’s no telling what amazing things can come out of Reno. In this first meetup, we’re going to hash out ideas, gather inspiration, and get moving.

If this sounds even the least bit interesting, come to the meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday the 15th, at 6:00 PMish. And it’s happening right at the Collective so you know where it’s located. Learn more or RSVP at the Facebook event page. See you there!

Collaboration for the win

November 29, 2011 in Announcements, Inspiration

Get a group of people together around a whiteboard and give each of them a different color marker. Set them loose on a topic and you’ll be amazed by what happens. You get the opportunity to see how other people think how they visualize problems and, above all else, how different perspectives can create innovative solutions.

We love whiteboards. We have many whiteboards in all shapes and sizes. One of our members, Chris, has been experimenting with various plastics and plexiglass to get his ideas out of his head and out into the real world.

We had a small area of Ideapaint at our old space and we loved it so when we learned that Ideapaint was having a makeover contest, we knew we had to get involved.

Help us win an Ideapaint Makeover!

Reno Collective is one of the 10 finalists in the ideapaint360 makeover contest. You can vote every day from now until December 4th. Help us out and vote here!

What’s going on this week at the collective

March 15, 2011 in Inspiration

Prepping for our re-launch party, rounding up speakers for Ignite & getting some beer to share with you, that’s what we’re up to. Our members have been doing some pretty cool stuff as well…

Gearing up for our re-launch party

We’ve been getting our new space at 522 Lander ready for our Re-Launch Party next Thursday, March 24th. We’ve totally transformed the building from what it was like when we first checked it out: all the wallpaper removal, the painting & scraping and furniture assembly has come together and we want you to come down and see it. Grab your friends and come down to grab a beer with us next Thursday.

Looking for speakers for Ignite Reno #7

Have you ever checked out It’s no secret that we’re fans- they have the most inspiring and interesting speeches on there. Well, Ignite Reno is like a local version of TED where people are given 5 minutes to present on a subject of their choosing. If you have something to say, then we want you to submit a speaking proposal on the IgniteReno site before March 25th! The event is on April 7th.


Starting this Friday at 4:30pm, we’ll be hosting a weekly happy hour at the collective called Beer:30. It’s BYOB, so bring down something to drink and let’s crack open some good conversation. It’s a great way to decompress from the week and start your weekend off right.

Where’s Brian?

Reno Collective member Brian Williams is always moving around and getting things done! Brian’s nonprofit organization, Think Kindness, just got finished flying doctors to San Igancio Mexico to donate medical services, and now they’re launching right into organizing Reno high school students to donate & ship 100,000 shoes in 30 days- to Japan’s tsunami victims. Way to go Think Kindness!

So that’s a snapshot of the week at Reno Collective. We’ve got lots of other stories and cool stuff for our members to share- so make sure to come down and find out.