We live on Startup Row

December 26, 2013 in Entrepreneurship, Press

The Reno Collective gets a nice nod in this RGJ Story about the new nickname for the stretch of 1st street running by our windows. We approve. Here’s to everyone who has been a part of rallying the startups in our neighborhood!

Innovation for the Future

November 14, 2011 in Entrepreneurship

It’s not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas.
-Edwin Land

Reno as a Startup Hub

We’ve been talking about Reno and its future a lot lately. Hack4Reno really cemented our belief that Reno has a diverse and talented community of individuals. It has taken us a while to meet everyone (and we’re certain that its far from everyone) but we’re excited about what is to come.

It is a slow process

Change is a slow but inevitable process. We can see it happening all around us, the good and the bad. In Reno, downtown is changing, midtown is finally coming into its own with more restaurants, coffee shops and bars. These are the kinds of places that will help to make Reno into a startup hub. Inspiring chance encounters between individuals, sharing stories and working side by side allows for the spark of innovation to take hold.

The rise of the creative class

Reno Collective is quickly approaching its 2nd anniversary. In the last two years, we’ve had over 50 members. Our members and our partners have seen a glimpse of what Reno can be. We love where we live and we have all come to terms with the fact that if you want something done, you sometimes have to do it yourself. To truly transform a community, you can’t just talk about it. You have to do it. Our community members are starting their own businesses, working on the bleeding edge of the industries and are really good at what they do.

Looking forward

We are working on new things at Reno Collective that will be announced soon but in the meantime,
what are some things you’d like to see happening in Reno and the region?

37 Signals: Natural evolution from side project to full-time business

June 25, 2009 in Entrepreneurship

37 Signals is known for advocating solopreneurs, side projects, freelancing, and more. They also have observed the natural progression that occurs in starting a side project WHILE still at a full-time gig and how that project can evolve into a full-time job or product. Basecamp started out as a side project for DHH with 37 Signals and look how far it has come.

“And it’s true that building a business requires plenty of time and effort. But the idea that you need to quit your job to do it right is misguided. If you quit your job, you shift everything. You don’t gain time, you lose it. You put a shot clock on your business. You box yourself into a position where you have to profit immediately or the whole thing goes under. You’ve got to make it work now or give up forever.”

Read More at 37 Signals’ Signal vs. Noise

Announcing LaidOffCamp and FreelanceCamp Reno

May 20, 2009 in Announcements, Entrepreneurship

Reno Collective is very excited to announce that both LaidOffCamp and Freelance Camp are coming to the Reno-Tahoe area. LaidOffCamp and Freelance Camp are ad-hoc gatherings of unemployed and self-employed people (including entrepreneurs and startups) who want to share ideas and learn from each other. We believe that this will be a great event to help individuals find or create jobs for themselves amidst our struggling economy. An exact date and venue for the event are still being determined.



Job Search & Freelance Tips

10 Reasons that Freelance Camp Ruled

Freelance Switch

Northern Nevada Unemployment in the News

“Jacobs was among the estimated 3,000 who had turned out by noon – some with young children in tow – in search of one of the 700 jobs expected to be available when the $1.2 billion Legends at Sparks Marina shopping and entertainment center begins to open this summer.

Sponsors said they expected two to three times that number by the time the event was to end at 7 p.m. in a state where unemployment climbed to 10.4 percent in March, the highest in a quarter century.”

Thousands at job fair for Legends at Sparks Marina [via Forbes]

Want to help in sponsoring LaidOffCamp Reno?

There are many opportunities to sponsor the first-ever LaidOffCamp and FreelanceCamp Reno. Please contact us via our contact page if you are interested.

Sponsorship of LaidOffCamp can include volunteering for the organization and execution of the event, presenting a session, or corporate fiscal sponsorships of $250 and $500.

Corporate sponsors, depending on tier level, will be granted promotion on the following:

  • Freelancecamp.org Website
  • Event Schedule
  • All Marketing and PR Materials
  • Email lists hitting over 3,000 business owners
  • Blogs Posts and Articles
  • T-shirts
  • Sponsor signage at the event
  • A short timeslot at the beginning of the event to promote your company
  • Distribute of promotional materials for discussion and networking

Congrats to Independents Hall on their one year anniversary

August 12, 2008 in Announcements, Entrepreneurship

When we decided to bring coworking to Reno, we started watching a lot of the coworking spaces across the country in order to adapt the model to our area. One of those individuals included Alex Hillman of Independents Hall. Alex and his crew are celebrating Indy Hall’s one year anniversary, which also happens to have just reached maximum capacity. They are all filled up! Congratulations on everything you guys have achieved.

Alex posted the following video that shows how Indy Hall has evolved from day one: