5 Tips for Working Outdoors and Staying Focused

April 25, 2019 in Coworking, Inspiration, Work/Life Balance

The sun is out in Northern Nevada and Reno Collective coworkers are shaking off their winter blues with some fresh air and sunshine on the porch.

Here are 5 tips for freelancers who want to get outside AND still be productive:

ACCESS TO POWER: No matter how much battery life your laptop or your phone say they have, you can plan on BOTH running out in the middle of your workday. Be sure you are near a power source or that tan you’ve been working on will be “half-baked.”

RELIABLE HIGH-SPEED INTERNET: Obviously. For all the facebook trolling research that you need to get done.

SHADE: That laptop you have been banging away at for the last 4 hours gets HOT in the sun. Make sure you park yourself somewhere you can avoid the suns direct rays, and…

DRINK WATER: Keep it on hand! Especially in Northern Nevada, our humidity is LOW so consume that H2O like your mama told you.

COWORKERS: Not the distracting kind like your four-legged friend or roommate who’s come outside for a break from binge-watching GoT, but other professionally-minded people like you that are there to work. Those people will help keep you on track and the beer at the end of the day will taste that much sweeter!

Where can you find a magical place that incorporates all these things? The Reno Collective – that’s where! Our wrap-around porch makes coworking outside ideal – lots of power and high-speed internet, cold fresh water on tap and motivated independent workers like yourself to keep you focused, productive and lovin’ every minute of the freelance life.

Looking for a place to get shit done with other like-minded professionals who are hacking the work/life balance? Request a tour today!

Dog-Friendly coworking certainly has its benefits.

April 9, 2019 in Coworking, Inspiration, Work/Life Balance
Look at that face! Meet Ren, one of our Collective “coworkers” 🙂

It’s National Pet Day on Thursday, April 11th, and at the Collective we HEART all our pets and happily welcome office-friendly dogs to our dog-friendly coworking space here in Reno, NV.

Turns out that there is a slew of benefits to having furry friends of the canine variety wander the office:

Not a fan of dogs? No problem – you are welcome to avoid any and all contact with any visiting pups, allergies notwithstanding :(. They are all vetted for their friendliness factor AND we have a strict one-strike-and-you’re-out policy.  

Interested in becoming a member? Schedule a tour and let us introduce you to our space and our community!

Kicking off “Meet the Members” with Jeff McDowell

October 1, 2014 in Coworking

We are so excited to kick off a new video series featuring our amazing members. One of our long-time members and resident video producer, Mike Henderson, has been building up a treasure trove of interviews with folks around the space to find out more about what they do, who they are and how they fell into coworking. Now it’s time to share those stories with the world!

Meet Jeff McDowell. As a remote QA engineer, he is responsible for ensuring the software released by Invision is a great experience for their customers.

Kudos Bike To Work Weekers

May 16, 2014 in Coworking

Bike to Work (School & Fun) Week was a hit at the Reno Collective, as you can see from our happy full indoor parking rack:

Bike Rack

Our biker board filled out nicely with a king and queen who biked in every day: tip your helmets to Kuba and Lisa H.!

Bike Board

Our local Hack4Reno-birthed app RenoTracks tracked over 800 miles during the week, many of which centered around our fishbowl at first and Arlington.


Let’s keep rackin’ ’em up all summer!

New fridge is chillin

November 9, 2013 in Coworking

Over the long haul, small aspects of your workspace make a difference. Here at the Reno Collective we had a nice looking fridge, and it kept lunch nice and cool, but it was a pain to get inside. The door opened the wrong way, forcing you into a corner then trapping you there until you closed the door again. People got used to it, but it was just not quite right. Thankfully our ever-so-cool space manager sprang into action when the time was right, and found a much better replacement. Give her a mental high five next time you walk right up to the fridge and look inside, even if you’re like me and have no idea what you came for once the doors are open.


Jus one of many details we’ve taken care of for you at the Reno Collective.

This happened today

February 9, 2012 in Coworking

I saw Mike in the kitchen today so I got a picture of him.

Sterling got a picture of me getting a picture of Mike.

John got a picture of Sterling getting a picture of me getting a picture of Mike.

Dave got a picture too.

At which point, Mike noticed what was happening.

And he took this …

So, yeah. This happened today.

A whole new way to become a member

September 13, 2011 in Announcements, Coworking

We are excited to announce our new Basic Membership at Reno Collective. Up until now we have offered daily drop-ins for $15/day or you could sign up for a cafe or resident membership starting at $150 per month.

Our memberships were great for anyone who works from home or a coffee shop and wants to use Reno Collective frequently but realistically our memberships didn’t make sense for anyone who wants to join the Reno Collective and work here on a less frequent basis. In some cases, we have heard from individuals who just wanted a way to support us and be apart of the community.

Membership Price Access
Basic $25/month 5 days/month, all member benefits
Cafe $150/month Cafe-style coworking, 24/7 access, all member benefits
Resident $250/month Your own desk, 24/7 access, all member benefits

If you’re interested in becoming a basic member, feel free to come down and visit us at the space Monday through Friday, contact us to schedule a tour or we will be at the NCET Expo this friday!

What’s next?

We are going to be rolling out new member and community benefits in the next couple weeks along with our new website including a members only job board and discussion area, new classes, and new gear in the office!

World Coworking Day

August 9, 2010 in Announcements, Coworking

Five years ago today, Brad Neuberg first wrote about the idea of coworking and inspired the future of work. In Reno, it took two years to find the space, the money and execute the plan, but on January 1st, 2010, Reno Collective Coworking opened at 250 Bell Street in downtown Reno. Now after 8 months, Reno Collective is home to over 15 entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers including Think Kindness, Social Chorus, David Calvert Photography, Lively Labs, Reno Passport and satellite offices of Fuze and Apex Performance Solutions.

Already heard of coworking?
If you’ve already heard about coworking, or Reno Collective specifically, let us know in the comments where you first heard about the movement.

Want to learn more?
We’re offering free drop-ins this week (Aug 9 – Aug 13) for anyone who wants to come check out the space and get some work done. It’s an inspiring and motivating place to work with wifi, printers and coffee brewed daily from The Hub Coffee Company. If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone: 775.393.9650, Twitter: @renocollective, Facebook or email: colin@renocollective.com.