Hack4Reno is coming Oct 5 & 6

September 23, 2013 in Announcements

The third Hack4Reno hackathon promises to be the best yet with more prizes and challenges than ever before, and our new space here at the Reno Collective will definitely be the best yet for cranking out new and innovative apps. As a coworking space we’re already set up with everything teams will need to Get Things Done, and event sponsors are stepping up with some great food and other goodies to make sure we’re having more fun than any weekday offers. All the details are at hack4reno.com, so go get registered if you haven’t yet!

Hacknight WiFi Power Up

July 11, 2013 in Announcements

Our first official hack night had some tangible results beyond the impressive lineup of empty Manhattans (thanks Tyler!). In a charge led by El Skwid, David Davis, and Yodasan the collective went from 2 hidden wireless access points to 3 wall and ceiling mounted APs. As a bonus they’re all operating on less microwave-sensitive channels, so hopefully we can surf and cook now! Thanks to all hackers who showed up, and especially those who contribute to our collective projects. Curious what we’ll come up with next? Come to the next hack night on August 14th at 5:30pm!

Our Wi in the Sky

Our Wi in the Sky

Fishbowl open to members on Monday!

June 2, 2013 in Announcements

There is still a lot left to do to make our new space home, but current members who want to come check out the Fishbowl at 100 N Arlington on Monday June 3rd can count on power, internet, and little bit of chaos! We’re very excited about the way the new space is looking, and thankful to our loyal members for all their contributions. Keep ’em coming and this place will be awesome for all of us!

Interested in becoming a member? Please contact us and we’ll set up an appointment for you.


May 28, 2013 in Announcements

We’ll be closed from Wednesday 5/29 – Sunday 6/2 to move to our new space at 100 N. Arlington, Suite 100. We’ll be open at our new location on Monday 6/3 to our existing members. If you’re interested in checking out the space or becoming a member, you can schedule an appointment via email at futureofwork@renocollective.com. Of course, we’ll also be having a grand opening event later in June, details to come!

Reno Collective Version 3.0 Coming in June

May 16, 2013 in Announcements

Been hearing rumors that the collective is moving? Curious about the quiet here on our own little blog? Well it’s time to end the silence and say

Let’s Dance!

We’ll be moving our feet down the street to our new digs at 100 N Arlington Suite 100, a.k.a Arlington Towers, a.k.a. “the Fishbowl” at the end of the month, with all our space powers focused on a June 3rd opening. Our members are rallying, the furniture and toys are piling up, excitement is building. We’re going to make a splash in our bowl by the river downtown if we have our way.

Fishbowl Front

Curiosity piqued? We’ve got new membership plans posted and parking arranged at the parking gallery next to Silver Peak brewery. If you want to know more contact us and stay tuned!

Town Hall Meeting on July 13

July 11, 2012 in Announcements

It’s been six months since our last Town Hall meeting and a lot has happened around the Ol’ Collective. Members have come and gone, bills have been paid, art shows have opened, paintings have been put up and taken down, Colin and crew came back, and flowers were planted out front (Thanks Jared!).

Let’s get together this Friday and talk about what has been going on and what we have planned. We’ve got a couple of big announcements to make and we’d love to have you involved.

When: Friday, June 13, 2012 @ 6:30PM
Where: Reno Collective Upstairs
Why: The Collective is changing and growing
Who: Members and Non-members are welcome

Let me know if you have any questions or specific items you’d like to discuss at the meeting.

Collective Desk #9: Rigorous Proof

June 6, 2012 in Announcements, Events

I’ll know I’ve really made my way when there are lots of boys who want to see me naked.


I’m just goofing on Rigorous Proof’s single, “Carolina,” but all silliness aside – the boys have some chops. Heavy on the reverb and peppered with distortion, it’ll be interesting to see the group’s acoustic adaptation for CDC9 this Friday at 5 p.m. at Reno Collective.

Come on down. We can have some Beer:30 action at 4:30 p.m. then listen and watch these Reno locals put on a groovtacular show for us.

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Collective Desk #7: The Deadly Gallows

May 8, 2012 in Announcements

Got scurvy? Well, The Deadly Gallows just might have it too.

Whether or not you’re getting the right amount of citrus in your diet, come down to The Collective for Beer:30 and CDC #7 – with one of Reno’s own land-lubbin’ pirate bands.

Sure we’re not at sea, and yeah, they’ll be unplugged, but close your eyes and imagine you’re hoisting the mizzenmast. That’s a thing, right? The mizzenmast?

The Deadly Gallows have been rocking Reno since 2008 – like true pirates, they’re born out of recession. The quartet are forever in search of booty to plunder, so leave your treasures at home.


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Collective Desk #6: The Kanes

April 27, 2012 in Announcements

In a punk-rock river run dry, The Kanes just keep swimming. The Reno band boasts a home-grown punk feel with some psychedelic overtones. Come see them at the Collective Friday, April 27 at 5 p.m.–as per usual–for CDC #6 and yes, just like The Kanes, Collective Desk Concerts keep on keeping on.

If you like music, bring your ears. If you like punk rock, gel up that safety hawk and squeeze into those tight pants (Don). If you like psychedelic overtones, well, that’s just, your opinion, man.

Come down and celebrate CDC’s melodious mission to bring local bands up close and in your face. Have a beer at Beer:30 (every Friday at 4:30 p.m.) and hang out with the collective crew and the guys from The Kanes.

Afterparty TBA.

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