Reno Collective is CFHing – “Celebrating from Home”

May 5, 2020 in Announcements

We know things aren’t very normal right now but we’re not going to let that stop us from celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary, from home! How did we decide to do that? By launching a brand new podcast – Reno Collective @ Home – obvs!

Tune in as we, Rachel and Colin, chat about the realities of WFQ (Working From Quarantine) and feature members of the Reno Collective community on how to balance working at home and living during the 2020 Covid quarantine. All of our lives have been turned on end and this show will help you get through the “weirds.”

For our very first episode, we get to talking about the difference between Working From Home and Working From Quarantine, our plans to CFH the Reno Collective’s 10 year anniversary, and a few friendly recommendations for keeping sane.

This show is an active experiment. 🙂 We’re aiming for 5-minute episodes released on Mondays with bonus episodes throughout the week as time and willing subjects permit. Want to join us on the show? Let us know at

Find Reno Collective @ Home on Spotify, iTunes, or any of these players.

Reno Collective is moving online #remoteworkparty

March 16, 2020 in Announcements

To Our Reno Collective Community,

We have made the decision to temporarily close our physical space in order to protect you, our team and the greater community. This is not a snow day. This is not being done out of fear or panic, but rather our civic responsibility to lead by example by staying at home and quarantining in place.

We are following suit after the State of Nevada has closed all K-12 schools, UNR and UNLV have decided to go to online alternatives and the news that we are seeing around the globe.

Details on Closure

The space will be open on Monday 3/16 and Tuesday 3/17 until 6pm if you need to get anything from the office. At this time, we will then be working with our partner, Spruce, to do a final cleaning of the space before it is closed up. If this is going to drastically affect your ability to get your work done, please reach out to us at

We will be hosting an online Townhall meeting later this week but if you have any questions or feedback, please email us.

Reno Collective is moving online!

As we all navigate this together, we want to offer you all the support we can for your work/life balance. We are moving some of our programs online and creating some new ones that we know will help all of us work through this situation from home.

The following online events will be available for you to connect with your fellow members, freelancers, remote employees, and entrepreneurs. If you have any other ideas or want to help us lead any of these sessions, please reach out in Slack or email.

We will have a standing Zoom room and Slack channel (#remoteworkparty) available for members to join in on any of these events throughout the day or just to pop in and cowork virtually. If you need help getting on Slack, let us know at and we’ll be putting together a quick guide if you haven’t used it before.

    • Cowork & Coffee Chat – Start the morning greeting other members and sharing coffee/tea/juice/beverage du jour
    • Meditation/Mindfulness Sessions – Some breathwork and gratitude for our day
    • Work Cycles – 30-minute work cycles to help you focus on the task at hand
    • Cotivation – Weekly online version of our accountability/goal-setting program
    • Daily Check-in / Coworking Standup – A time to check in daily, share what you worked on and what you hope to work on tomorrow.
    • Online Happy Hours – Celebrate some wins from the week with your favorite beverages
    • Online Tax Prep Day For those of you who are still needing to get taxes done, this is your day! It will feel good to have this behind you

We’ll also be sharing other ways to stay connected and stay on top of your work (if that is the goal of the day) in Slack.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Those Around Us

How are you doing? How is your business doing? Do you need anything? Food? Supplies? Would a monitor help you to get work done at home? Please reach out to us if you have any concerns, questions or need assistance. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas or feedback. We’re always available at and in Slack.

Stay well,

Rachel, Colin, Sue-Ting, John, and Don

To the Reno Collective Community: Coworking & Navigating COVID-19

March 12, 2020 in Announcements

With the growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to take a moment to address what a virus like this means for coworking spaces and more specifically, Reno Collective. If you have been following coverage of the virus, you know there is a lot of uncertainty around this in our area but we would like to take necessary precautions early.

Reno Collective is home to so many people who have the ability to work from home but choose to come together to find a sense of work/life balance and get things done. We are honored that so many businesses and creative professionals are proud to call our space home but we believe it is our responsibility to do our part in “flattening the curve” of this virus.

To do so, we are doing the following:

Temporarily Suspending Classes and Meetups

All of our public events, classes and meetups are suspended until further notice. This includes:

  • Focus Friday
  • WordPress Meetup
  • Women Who Code Meetup
  • Intro to Podcasting
  • Intro to Design for 3D Printing

Disinfectant Products Throughout the Space

We will have disinfectant wipes/spray/paper towels available. Please wipe down your space after you use it. Think of this like gym etiquette: you are expected to wipe down a machine after use, we ask that you do the same at Reno Collective.

Sharing Space, Not Germs

If you or someone in your household are sick, we ask that you please stay at home. Kick that handshake habit – try a simple wave or elbow bump instead.

Deeper Cleaning

We are working with our janitorial partner, Spruce, to do a special deep clean of our space in the coming weeks.

As a last resort, we will close the space if it becomes clear that it is in the best interest of everyone in the community. In such a situation, we expect disruption to be temporary but we value your health above all else.

If any of the above will impact your business or if you need any assistance, please reach out and we will do our best to help you or connect you with resources. We appreciate your understanding and that your experience with Reno Collective and our community may look different as we navigate this together.

Online Events & Programs: Cotivation Online!

As we work through this together, we are also going to be leaning on our online tools (like Slack!) but we are going to be taking our Cotivation accountability program online and reconfiguring it so that as many of you can participate as possible. The program is designed to help you stay focused on a project, finish that thing you’ve been putting off, set goals for yourself or your company, and most importantly, see it through! More details on this will be shared soon.

FOCUS Friday

September 18, 2019 in Announcements

The 3rd Friday of every month at the Reno Collective is set aside as a free day of coworking for the Reno community. This is your chance to get out of the house and mix up your work routine. It’s perfect for remote employees, freelancers, side-hustlers, startups, and aspiring upstarts. 

  1. FOCUS Friday is one day a month, set aside to focus on your business
  2. Kick the day off with our monthly featured speaker
  3. Jump into a productive day of coworking with like-minded people – on us!
  4. We provide the inspiration, you provide the focus


  • You have an idea for a project that you want to tackle but “can’t find the time”.
  • You want to be a part of a community of other creatives and entrepreneurs.
  • You are looking to push your career, startup or project to the next level.
  • You believe that additional accountability would help you accomplish your goals.


By participating in FOCUS Friday you are setting aside one day a month to focus on your business. What do you need to work on? 

  • Writing your new 2020 marketing plan
  • Coming up with a new business model
  • Developing your next project pitch
  • Getting feedback on one of your projects



Our monthly guest speakers will offer insight into building resiliency, forming and maintaining new habits, growing your business, etc.

September 20th | 10:30am: Mindful Communication A one-hour session dedicated to exploring communication, led by Colleen Camenisch who has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs along with other meditation courses for eleven years. Participants will do an active listening practice and, if space and time allow, will also do an Akido-based communication exercise. This session will include time exploring challenging communication and the chance to learn a walking meditation. The practices presented allow participants to learn how they can apply mindfulness to communication.

RSVP – free to attend!


Office Space vs. Coworking

June 17, 2019 in Announcements

First off – no, we are not talking about one of the best movies ever made that features a red Swingline stapler. No, this is about actual workspaces. Are you one of the lucky ones who has already decided to escape the monotonous “Yeeeaaaahhhh…” of the middle-management drone and are going out on your own? CONGRATS! Now, the BIG decision – where do you work?

If a home office is not in the cards*, then you are probably thinking about either a) renting your own private office or b) joining a coworking space. How do you decide? Aha! We have some suggestions:

*A side note here: most of the time working from home should NOT be in the cards. Turns out that for most people it is a super distracting and non-productive environment. Unless you decide to do laundry for a living, then maybe home is best.


Working from a coworking space has a number of benefits: increased creativity, greater opportunity for focus, higher productivity, faster internet speed, a professional setting, etc. But that is where the similarities between renting a private office and a membership at a coworking location stop, and in some cases don’t even exist!


It’s true that in a private office you have more control over your work environment. In fact, you have all of the control because you are ALONE and are the only one paying the bills. And did we mention – you are alone? How creative are you really with no one to bounce ideas off?

Why Coworking?

Diversity. Coworking spaces are, by nature, diverse environments. They are places where talented individuals of all sorts of backgrounds, businesses, and expertise gather. Coworking allows you to quickly develop a broad network of not only potential collaborators but possible clients as well. And it’s not all extroverts and social events! We have a number of introverts, and even a few ambiverts sprinkled in.

Flexibility. Not only can you change up your actual workspace depending on your hourly mood in a coworking space (bright and airy deskspace versus quiet and secluded couch), but you can set your own hours! You’re a Night Owl? Most coworking spaces, including the Reno Collective, offer 24/7/365 access.

Lower Costs. It’s a shared space thus all the costs are shared. Power, internet, printing, coffee, janitorial, repairs and maintenance, and much more. One monthly membership payment and little responsibility! Which, let’s be honest, isn’t that the biggest bummer of “adulting”?!?

Space. Also included in a monthly coworking membership? More space! Instead of swooning over that price per sq. ft. to add a conference room onto a private office rental(!), you can book one of the multiple spaces within a coworking space. At the Reno Collective, we have 2 conference rooms and 2 event/educational spaces for online booking – and there is no monthly limit.

It All Adds Up To Growth. Whether growth for you is working as an independent contractor or building a new team, coworking lends itself to your success. Coworking gives you the chance to work alongside other motivated individuals or to hire them! The chance to start something new with minimal overhead. The chance to build your clientele outside of crowded coffee shop business pitches.


Get in touch! Sign up for a tour. See for yourself.

Not Convinced?

Let’s chat! Email me at

Squirrel! aka The Distractions List.

May 9, 2019 in Announcements

For many professionals, each day commences with a list so epic that it warrants its own official name. “The List” varies in its many forms: online or on paper, mobile or tablet, in a calendar, or maybe it never made its way to the physical world and resides somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind. “The List” is important – well, most of it anyway. A funny thing happens as we progress through our day…The List expands. Like rabbits in a field, the damn thing is constantly multiplying. SO, how  do you stay on task with the items you originally selected for the day? There’s a trick psychologist, author and writer, Nick Wignall suggests The Distractions List.

One of many useful suggestions that Wignall makes on his blog, is to create a daily “distractions list.” Wignall says to keep a piece of paper, or a notebook, nearby so that you can jot down any “oh shit” thoughts.

Requirements for a useful “Distractions List”:

  • Easy-to-access
  • Visible
  • NOT an additional distraction(!)

The primary intention of the distractions list is to get thoughts that pop into your head OUT into the open. This way, your brain doesn’t waste precious time ruminating on the distractions–while you attempt to stay on task.

Here are a few options we’ve tested out at Reno Collective for creating your own distractions list:

  1. **THE FAV**: grab a piece of scratch paper
    PRO = recycling paper | CON = Still using paper
  2. THE TASKER: use the Tasks sidebar in Google Calendar
    PRO = easy access on your laptop or computer desktop | CON = easy to get distracted by looking at your calendar
  3. THE CONNECTOR: create a Note on your phone
    PRO = you always have your phone | CON = looking at your phone can be a distraction in itself
  4. THE TRACKER: use the sidebar of your day planner or calendar
    PRO = you can track your distractions day-by-day | CON = space is at a minimum

Comment below if you have any other suggestions for those “oh shit” moments in life.

Reno Collective is always on the lookout for more ways to help independent workers be more productive and manage their time and energy efficiently. Are you looking for a workplace where you are surrounded by other like-minded, motivated, people? Sign up for a tour of the Collective today and experience what we have to offer.

Read Wignall’s full article here.

May is Bike Month!

May 2, 2019 in Announcements

Attention bicycle riders and wanna-be riders!! It’s Bike Month in Reno/Sparks and our friends at Kiwanis of Downtown Sparks are hosting their Biggest Little Bike Swap – a great place for you or your kid to find a bike for summer! Biking to work? We LOVE it at the Reno Collective! We offer bike racks for the convenience and safety of all our “cycologist” members 🙂

These bikes are all refurbished and proceeds support Kiwanis programming, including pedestrian and bicycling safety, bike donations to youth, and service leadership programs (including Key Club and Circle K.)

Need a bike? Come check out available bikes at Snowflake Pavilion at Idlewild Park between 10am and 2pm THIS SATURDAY, May 5. 

Have a bike to donate or consign? Bring it at 9am so it can be tagged for sale. 

WHAT: Biggest Little Bike Swap

WHEN: Saturday, May 5 – 10AM – 2PM

WHERE: Snowflake Pavilion at Idlewild Park

9am – Drop off consignments

10am – 2pm Sales

Do you already have your bike(s)? Come join us at Riding on the River at Cottonwood Park on May 18 from 10am and 2pm for 5, 10 and 15 mile ride options, along with games, food, entertainment and bike safety checks. 


Saturday, May 11th — Reno River Roll: Organized as part of the Reno River Festival, the River Roll offers an opportunity to be part of a huge, rolling concert. Costumes are encouraged! When you register for the event, $5 will be donated to a local cycling organization of your choice. 

Saturday, May 18 — Riding on the River at Cottonwood Park on May 18 from 10am and 2pm for 5, 10 and 15 mile ride options, along with games, food, entertainment and bike safety checks. 

Saturday, June 1 — Wyld Market Pops Up @ Bike Month After Party: Wandering Wyld is bringing an awesome celebration of the close of another (hopefully) successful Bike Month. June 1 in MidTown for a family-friendly festival including local artists, musicians, food, and bikes!

Thinking of adding a bike commute to your work routine? Well, get out of the house and set up your office here at the Reno Collective. Book a tour for a look around today!

Coworking Curious?

April 30, 2019 in Announcements

Starting May 1st, Reno Collective is offering a brand-new Coworking Curious membership for coworking first-timers. Available only for use during the month of May, this first-timers-only membership includes 5 days of coworking for use weekdays from 9am – 5pm for $75.

The Coworking Curious membership is perfect for independent workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote employees wanting to try out a new workspace away from the distractions of home and busy coffee shops.  The $75 can be applied to a monthly membership if signing up in May. Business and 24/7 memberships at Reno Collective start at just $200 per month.

Your independent work-style provides freedom, but requires flexibility. Our coworking memberships are month-to-month – NO long-term contract required – and designed around the hours YOU keep.

Coworking Curious Membership

  • Reno Collective first-timers only
  • Available May 1 – 31st, 2019
  • 5 days for $75 (50% off day rates – reg. $30 per day)
  • Key provided for access Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm (with $20 refundable key deposit)
  • $75 can be applied to a month of membership for May OR June **will not be applied to any other months

Interested? Sign up for a day and time to check us out!

Supporting a Community through Service

April 5, 2019 in Announcements, Events

It’s not every day that we get to pat ourselves on the back – but right now, we absolutely are! Last week, March 28th, Reno Collective was recognized as the Professional Services Organization of the Year at the 12th annual NCET Tech Awards and we are PSYCHED!!! 

It is an honor to be recognized for the hard work (not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to build all. of. the. IKEA.) that the Collective founders and staff put in each day to create a space that serves the needs of the diverse independent workforce in Reno and beyond. Sometimes we succeed (Accountability: Coworking-style) and sometimes we fail (oh, yes, Procrasti-planning happens.), but we haven’t quit and that is because of our members and our community.

Now, you might be thinking “coworking as a service?” Damn right we are! The Collective is not just a workspace with conference rooms and free amazing coffee, we are a hub of knowledge, a resource for independent workers, a base for creatives and…well, you get the idea 🙂

“…provides professional services and which has successfully advocated for and supported Northern Nevada’s technology community and has demonstrated leadership and innovation in that field.”

Professional Services Organization of the Year award
Reno Collective’s Community Manager Rachel Kingham (middle) with NCET’s Renee Pickens McGinnes and Dave Archer.

In the decade since the Reno Collective’s humble start in a downtown coffeeshop, we have hosted more than 1,000 community leaders, business owners, startup founders, creative professionals, programming whizzes, marketing mavens, and social media experts, not to mention the archaeologists, the videographers, the game-changers, the students and even one clown(!)

And not prone to tooting our own horns – we want to also recognize one of our own Reno Collective members, Nathan Digangi of Allgo Social, who was celebrated as Startup Champion of the Year by EDAWN, an award he definitely deserves as a person who plays an integral role in our local Startup and entrepreneur ecosystem. CONGRATS NATHAN!!!

The winners of the NCET 20th Anniversary & 2019 Tech Awards Gala.

And CONGRATS to all of the other winners of the NCET 20th Anniversary & 2019 Tech Awards Gala. We are certainly in great company!!

Finding Your Flow

March 27, 2019 in Announcements
Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

One of the great benefits of coworking is working alongside other people who are just as invested as you are in succeeding at being an independent worker. Newcomers to the Reno Collective often say: “Thank you! I got SO much more done today than my entire last week at home!”

Do we have some secret scent pumping from the vents? Or a special creamer for the coffee? Nope – our “secret” is pretty well-known: working from home – or other “distraction filled places – is…distracting! Too many distractions and you can’t find that happy place of FLOW.

Human beings, it seems, are at their best when immersed deeply in something challenging. – Roomer

So, what IS flow? According to blogger Jari Roomer, in his article, How To Reach Flow State (Using 10 Flow State ‘Triggers’): “Flow state is a very powerful state of mind where you are extremely productive and also feel great. You don’t have to force yourself to work hard. Rather, it seems to go automatically. It seems as if you are ‘flowing’ through your work.”

Roomer’s 10 Triggers are worth reviewing, here are a few of our favorites:

TRIGGER 1: Eliminate all external distractions. That means not just putting your phone on silent, but turning it over or putting it away [tried one of these yet?]. And don’t just clear off your workspace, but your computer desktop as well: close any extraneous browser tabs [the horror!] and turn off notifications [how could you!].

TRIGGER 2: Eliminate internal distractions. Roomer suggests daily journaling and meditation, which both struck a chord with us. One of the more popular topics in our member accountability group, Cotivation, is a habit gleaned from Bullet Journaling: starting and ending the day by listing your to-dos. More on this later… but a key benefit is getting your to dos out of your head.

And, who has time for meditation, you ask? We recently launched a new Wellness @ Work program for Collective coworkers featuring free weekly meditation breaks led by our friends at Good Elephant. So, us – that’s who!

TRIGGER 3: Work at your Biological Peak Time. Find the time of day that you have the most energy. It’s not easy and may take a few days – if not weeks – of tracking, but well worth it. Try this simple energy check-in table we created for our recent #FreelanceFriday attendees:

Our suggestion: take 10 minutes and read Roomer’s full article on Love to hear your thoughts – or perhaps you have a few triggers of your own to share. Please do!