Introducing the RC Parent Pass

The coworking solution for parents who are trying to work from home.

Work has changed for so many of us.

Are YOU working at home with your spouse or partner and children?

Parents are spending a lot of time splitting childcare “shifts” between partners: who takes the AM shift? who takes the PM shift? What if you BOTH work from home and no one leaves the house?

The Reno Collective has the coworking solution you have been looking for: a place for both parents to work, away from the distractions of home, for a single low price.

Introducing the Parent Pass. For a $50/month add-on to our Cafe 24/7 coworking membership, both parents can each benefit from an out-of-the-house workspace. 

Let’s get you out of the house and focused!

Our Parent Pass is designed to help both parents get some time away from home and children, and get their work done - without all the distractions of home.

How the Parent Pass works:

Each partner gets to use the coworking membership any time and any day. Access is 24/7 for one partner at a time. Each partner has their own key, eliminating the need to worry about forgetting to pick it up or handing it off to the other. 

Whether kids are doing online school or are too young for school, the Parent Pass allows for time away for each parent to concentrate on the job at hand. 

It’s a better way to work - a better way to balance your attention between work and life!

For more information check out our membership options.

Interested in joining? Book a tour.

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published August 27, 2021

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