Introducing "Work In Progress": Work and Life in today's world.

In August 2020 - after deciding to ditch our RC@Home podcast for a much more time-friendly format - we launched Work In Progress, a live streaming show all about what work, life, and everything in between looks like in our current Covid-era.

Every Wednesday at 5pm PST, we - your co-hosts Rachel Kingham (that's me!) and Colin Loretz - meet up with other members, co-coworkers, and community members to discuss topics that are front and center during this pandemic. Some topics surprise us by being so unexpected, while other topics surprise us by just how "normal" they seem in these chaotic times.

We've spent time talking with freelancers and remote employees about what it's like working from home, how business has changed and adapted, and how even workspaces need to evolve. We spoke with a social media agency owner about the power and potential of the big platforms - our fears and our hopes. And we've had a good laugh at ourselves after our episode on making online events that don't suck ended up proving a few of our own points(!)

TONIGHT at 5pm (Wednesday, October 21st) we are talking with special guest Chanelle Bessette, personal finance writer for Nerd Wallet about managing finances in these uncertain times.

[caption id="attachment_5480" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Hosts Rachel and Colin with guest Leah Chew Work In Progress: Episode1. (From top left) Co-host Colin Loretz, special guest designer Leah Chew, and co-host Rachel Kingham.[/caption]

So, pick your favorite streaming platform (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live and Periscope) and tune in love to chat with us and add your voice to the mix. We are 10 episodes in and there are SO many more topics to cover and so many more guests to feature: - a physical health expert talking about working out while working from home - a mindfulness coach sharing the importance of slowing down when everything around you is in a rush - two VERY experienced entrepreneurs talking about launching startups

If you have an idea we should talk about, or want to be a special guest, please send us a note!

And tune in LIVE at 5 every Wednesday! Be safe & wear a mask!

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published October 21, 2020

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