Reno Bridgewire answers Collective locker challenge


As long as I've been at the Collective these lockers have stood inaccessible and useless, combinations long lost, and we've had no place for members to lock up their goodies when they step out for lunch. This situation was intolerable to Ann, who began a multipronged campaign to restore access to the innards of the steel monolith. One of her actions took the form of a challenge to Reno Bridgewire to help us gain entry by any means in their possession. Dan and his posse rose to the occasion, first using a flexible camera to read the serial numbers from the backs of the lockers. Unfortunately that information got us nowhere with the Masterlock bureaucracy, so Dan returned to have another go. He soon found a "key" and quickly opened all the lockers so we could disable the combinations and let people use their own locks. What was the key you ask? Luckily I took a photo.


Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published February 20, 2013

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