Collective Desk #7: The Deadly Gallows

Got scurvy? Well, The Deadly Gallows just might have it too.

Whether or not you're getting the right amount of citrus in your diet, come down to The Collective for Beer:30 and CDC #7 - with one of Reno's own land-lubbin' pirate bands.

Sure we're not at sea, and yeah, they'll be unplugged, but close your eyes and imagine you're hoisting the mizzenmast. That's a thing, right? The mizzenmast?

The Deadly Gallows have been rocking Reno since 2008 - like true pirates, they're born out of recession. The quartet are forever in search of booty to plunder, so leave your treasures at home.


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Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published May 08, 2012

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