Andrew Chang: In The Eyes of a Stranger

We are very proud and excited to have some new art hanging in the space. UNR's Andrew Chang will be showing "In The Eyes of a Stranger" from April 25th - May 9th. This photographic exhibition is an editorialized exaggeration of the duality of man and how we never truly know a person - whether they be family members, friends or significant others - until we take a closer look into their eyes.

Andrew says, "For me, I've always learned from experience that the eyes of a person can tell you everything you probably need to know about them. Eyes have the power to reveal, to inspire, to envy, to confide in, to withdraw, or the power to conceal - making it that much harder to trust the people around us. Have you ever met somebody that seemed great on the surface, but as time went by their true identity revealed itself as being otherwise? I think all of us can relate to this concept on some level."

"I've had many examples in my life where that has happened to me and during those encounters I managed to look into their eyes and I saw a completely different person from the one I knew before. It's amazing how such a small organ of the body has the ability to yield such power for discernment. Which begs the question, how do we truly know which eyes to trust especially if our eyes hold such power to go either way for good or for evil? Every day, we make these moral judgments about the eyes of the 'strangers' around us and in return we have to decide - at some point - for ourselves whether to stay in contact with that person or to run away from them. My project is an exploration of that social phenomenon about the 'strangers' in our lives and how the eyes truly are the windows to the soul."

Heady stuff, eh? Andrew came in over the weekend and now we have thirteen pairs of eyes peering out from the South and East upstairs walls. The show opening is tonight from 8PM to 10PM and you can enjoy his artwork anytime you come by the Collective until May 9th.

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published April 26, 2012

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