Collective Desk Recap #2: Ditch The Pilot

Collective Desk #2 further separated itself from Tiny Desk last week with the addition of donuts, a toddler and not one, but TWO dogs, all of which enhanced (and even appreciated) the music from local singerslashsongwriter Anthony Cacibauda and Ditch The Pilot.

Anthony played a set by himself with guitar, harmonica and some original songs that to my ear were really great! I particularly liked the one about going to the Sammy Davis Jr. at the Sands in Vegas on the day JFK was shot. Note: we don't put all the songs on the video. Only 3 make it. My intent is to make it the first 3, but i had to get the donut shot in and also wanted to get the last song in...

Two members of Ditch The Pilot joined for the final song. Jim Fletcher and Alex Kaufman played guitar and sang a great cover tune to finish off the set. That was really good. Would definitely go see them all together again.

I'm really impressed with the talent we've seen so far at The Collective Desk. The next show is a week from Friday on March 9th @ Beer:30

-Mike Henderson | Videographer

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published March 01, 2012

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