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If you’re familiar with the Collective at all, you’ve probably met or at least heard of its fearless founder Colin Loretz. And maybe you’re now wondering why you haven’t seen him around as much. He’s not a fictional character that we made up – he’s just off on a new adventure. Colin and Collective Co-Manager Chris Yoder are off building up a technology company in an undisclosed place in the US. (OK, it’s Texas) Knowing them, we know they’ll be highly successful and will be returning in April to a ticker tape parade, or at least a handful of confetti as they walk through the doors of the Collective.

In the meantime, two illustrious Collective members are running the show. Don Morrison and John Jusayan were integral in setting up the first annual Hack4Reno back in October and the Collective wouldn’t be the same without them. If you haven’t met them both, say hi next time you see them and in the meantime, here’s an informal introduction.

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John Jusayan helps manage the Reno Collective and writes iOS and Mac apps for his company, Treeness. A UNR alumnus, he earned a B.A. in Creative writing and an M.A. in Computer Science while attending there. In what remains of his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, and listening to music. He's lived in Reno since 2000, after falling in love with the place.

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Don Morrison works with Amphora Research Systems and is a community manager at the Reno Collective. He is a family man and long-time denizen of Reno, Nevada. He spends his time programming, mostly in Ruby, and drumming, mostly on DW drums. He loves Reno, open data and has a new love affair with the martial art Aikido.

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published February 09, 2012

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