Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-op

Reno's Coworking Community is Growing!

Headed up by Live-Local advocate and frequent attendee of Reno Collective events, Dave Asher, the Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-op recently opened its doors, and we'd like to welcome them.

Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-opIn a time when local startups, entrepreneurs, non-profits and freelancers can use all the help they can get, it's great to see more communities emerging to offer their support. Dave was kind enough to visit our downtown Reno location the other day and explain his vision for his venture, how he sees the coworking community growing in Reno and thank us for showing him the coworking concept.

If you're looking for a community in the Vassar & Kietzke area, give the Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-op a tour. They are located at 1301 Cordone Ave. in Reno, NV.

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published March 09, 2011

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