Reno Collective Coworking is Moving!

Thank you everyone who has helped us make 2010 such an amazing year for coworking and innovation in Reno! While we have loved our home at 250 Bell St., it is time for us to move to a new space of our own by January 1st, and prepare for even more growth in 2011.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Making Reno the Hub of Innovation

Over the last year, we have built a community of freelancers, independent workers and start-ups in Reno, Nevada in the interest of turning our city into a technological beacon in the Western United States. The Reno Collective is a community center where innovators from the spectrum of industries: tech/Internet, photography, videography, project management, recruitment, entertainment media and more work side by side, inspiring and sharing with one another in an environment that offers far more resources and support than they could afford at home, for far less than they’d pay at even a bare-bones executive suite or office building.

Instead of relying solely on spaces such as California’s Bay Area or Seattle for developing start-ups and outstanding, innovative small businesses, we strongly believe that by supporting the individuals who have great ideas here in our own city we can also shine just as brightly. From that belief, we opened our co-working space, the Reno Collective, in January 2010 in the Cathexes building, one of the most inspiring and creative spaces in Reno.

New Heights of Community Growth

Since then, though, we have outgrown this space, and we need to build out another one as soon as possible. We’re moving to a larger building on Lander Avenue, just off of California Avenue, which will facilitate helping more people, launching more businesses and growing Reno’s tech and start-up community to a size that will put us on the map.

By drawing support from the businesses and individuals who share our vision, we plan to transform our new space into the ultimate environment for fostering growth and innovation in our city. We have much planned for 2011, and along with the support of our community we will make it happen.

Ideas Becoming Reality

The Reno Collective doesn’t have a bunch of employees, yet we’ve managed to build a community of co-workers who make amazing things. We haven’t taken on huge loans or received investment from a big corporation. Our community started out as a dream of Colin Loretz and Ed Adkins, two freelancers who longed for a community like this to work in and help grow.

Since that first dream, not only has the Collective opened its doors to several freelancers and professionals who have used the space to build their own companies, but it has become home to Colin and Ed’s joint venture, Lively Labs.

In order to build the community we’ve dreamed of, the Collective has hosted numerous events such as Ignite Reno and WordCamp Reno, which have consistently grown in attendance and connected the tech community to each other. Recently, we also began hosting Reno Hacknights,where programmers meet to solve problems and share ideas to build their own personal projects.

What to Expect in Our New Space

What will our new building be like? Right now we’re busy preparing it by painting walls, running cables and tearing down walls. When we open we will have three times the coworking space that we currently do, a super fast wireless network that will support massive traffic, and new levels of membership to facilitate a wider spectrum of start-up stages. In addition, since we’ll be located just off of California Avenue, we’ll be even closer to a greater number of the local restaurants, bars, postal facilities and other resources that our members love to support.

We will be announcing a host of events to kick off the new year in our new home, including the next Ignite Reno, our grand reopening and other new events to pull our community together. Again, we are extremely grateful for the support we’ve received from Reno, from the companies at 250 Bell St., and everyone else who has contributed to our growth. We promise to continue to work even harder to make 2011 even more record-braking than this year has been.

And now, here's a teaser of what our new space looks like!

In the coming weeks, we'll be busy scraping, painting and adding cool things to make this spot conducive to supporting our coworking community. We welcome your comments, questions and help! Keep an eye out for our new membership opportunities & events!

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published November 11, 2010

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