37 Signals: Natural evolution from side project to full-time business

37 Signals is known for advocating solopreneurs, side projects, freelancing, and more. They also have observed the natural progression that occurs in starting a side project WHILE still at a full-time gig and how that project can evolve into a full-time job or product. Basecamp started out as a side project for DHH with 37 Signals and look how far it has come.

"And it’s true that building a business requires plenty of time and effort. But the idea that you need to quit your job to do it right is misguided. If you quit your job, you shift everything. You don’t gain time, you lose it. You put a shot clock on your business. You box yourself into a position where you have to profit immediately or the whole thing goes under. You’ve got to make it work now or give up forever."

Read More at 37 Signals' Signal vs. Noise

Reno Collective

Reno Collective

Published June 25, 2009

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