Reno Collective is moving online #remoteworkparty

March 16, 2020 in Announcements

To Our Reno Collective Community,

We have made the decision to temporarily close our physical space in order to protect you, our team and the greater community. This is not a snow day. This is not being done out of fear or panic, but rather our civic responsibility to lead by example by staying at home and quarantining in place.

We are following suit after the State of Nevada has closed all K-12 schools, UNR and UNLV have decided to go to online alternatives and the news that we are seeing around the globe.

Details on Closure

The space will be open on Monday 3/16 and Tuesday 3/17 until 6pm if you need to get anything from the office. At this time, we will then be working with our partner, Spruce, to do a final cleaning of the space before it is closed up. If this is going to drastically affect your ability to get your work done, please reach out to us at

We will be hosting an online Townhall meeting later this week but if you have any questions or feedback, please email us.

Reno Collective is moving online!

As we all navigate this together, we want to offer you all the support we can for your work/life balance. We are moving some of our programs online and creating some new ones that we know will help all of us work through this situation from home.

The following online events will be available for you to connect with your fellow members, freelancers, remote employees, and entrepreneurs. If you have any other ideas or want to help us lead any of these sessions, please reach out in Slack or email.

We will have a standing Zoom room and Slack channel (#remoteworkparty) available for members to join in on any of these events throughout the day or just to pop in and cowork virtually. If you need help getting on Slack, let us know at and we’ll be putting together a quick guide if you haven’t used it before.

    • Cowork & Coffee Chat – Start the morning greeting other members and sharing coffee/tea/juice/beverage du jour
    • Meditation/Mindfulness Sessions – Some breathwork and gratitude for our day
    • Work Cycles – 30-minute work cycles to help you focus on the task at hand
    • Cotivation – Weekly online version of our accountability/goal-setting program
    • Daily Check-in / Coworking Standup – A time to check in daily, share what you worked on and what you hope to work on tomorrow.
    • Online Happy Hours – Celebrate some wins from the week with your favorite beverages
    • Online Tax Prep Day For those of you who are still needing to get taxes done, this is your day! It will feel good to have this behind you

We’ll also be sharing other ways to stay connected and stay on top of your work (if that is the goal of the day) in Slack.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Those Around Us

How are you doing? How is your business doing? Do you need anything? Food? Supplies? Would a monitor help you to get work done at home? Please reach out to us if you have any concerns, questions or need assistance. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas or feedback. We’re always available at and in Slack.

Stay well,

Rachel, Colin, Sue-Ting, John, and Don

To the Reno Collective Community: Coworking & Navigating COVID-19

March 12, 2020 in Announcements

With the growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to take a moment to address what a virus like this means for coworking spaces and more specifically, Reno Collective. If you have been following coverage of the virus, you know there is a lot of uncertainty around this in our area but we would like to take necessary precautions early.

Reno Collective is home to so many people who have the ability to work from home but choose to come together to find a sense of work/life balance and get things done. We are honored that so many businesses and creative professionals are proud to call our space home but we believe it is our responsibility to do our part in “flattening the curve” of this virus.

To do so, we are doing the following:

Temporarily Suspending Classes and Meetups

All of our public events, classes and meetups are suspended until further notice. This includes:

  • Focus Friday
  • WordPress Meetup
  • Women Who Code Meetup
  • Intro to Podcasting
  • Intro to Design for 3D Printing

Disinfectant Products Throughout the Space

We will have disinfectant wipes/spray/paper towels available. Please wipe down your space after you use it. Think of this like gym etiquette: you are expected to wipe down a machine after use, we ask that you do the same at Reno Collective.

Sharing Space, Not Germs

If you or someone in your household are sick, we ask that you please stay at home. Kick that handshake habit – try a simple wave or elbow bump instead.

Deeper Cleaning

We are working with our janitorial partner, Spruce, to do a special deep clean of our space in the coming weeks.

As a last resort, we will close the space if it becomes clear that it is in the best interest of everyone in the community. In such a situation, we expect disruption to be temporary but we value your health above all else.

If any of the above will impact your business or if you need any assistance, please reach out and we will do our best to help you or connect you with resources. We appreciate your understanding and that your experience with Reno Collective and our community may look different as we navigate this together.

Online Events & Programs: Cotivation Online!

As we work through this together, we are also going to be leaning on our online tools (like Slack!) but we are going to be taking our Cotivation accountability program online and reconfiguring it so that as many of you can participate as possible. The program is designed to help you stay focused on a project, finish that thing you’ve been putting off, set goals for yourself or your company, and most importantly, see it through! More details on this will be shared soon.

Creativity Athletes: Mastering the Art of Sitting

March 2, 2019 in Work/Life Balance

This a guest post by Reno Collective member Saul Jimenez, a coach and instructor in a variety of fields for over 25 years. In that time, he has refined his programming/coaching and developed The Healthy Strong Fit Method. More information about Saul, and the health & wellness perks of being a member at the Collective, below.

“Sitting is the new smoking.”

Many of us have felt the physical burden of being a “creativity professional” – day after day, creative professionals need to be able to sit or stand for long periods of time without getting injured. Sitting for long hours can be rough on your back, neck and shoulder joints. It can make you tight and possibly more at risk for injury when you’re enjoying activities outside of freelancing that bring you joy. This post – and the accompanying videos – will help you start paying attention to the way you position your body while sitting, and help with aches and pains that come along with sitting for long periods of time.

While everyone knows to get up and change positions every 20/30/60 minutes or so, creative people need to sit or stand for longer to get into flow-state.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a math teacher. I asked a college professor what I could do to be the best math teacher and he said, “Be as good as you can be at math.” In the following 20+ years, I have mulled over that response and have vacillated, several times, between “That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard” to “That was genius!” While I never ended up teaching math, that piece of advice has translated into two principles that we use in our creativity athletes training:   

  • Being good (i.e. technically proficient) is necessary but not sufficient enough to achieve observable results.
  • In the volatile world we live in, prioritizing on controlling the things I can control leads to a happier and more resilient, more anti-fragile life. 

While it is true that sitting for long periods of time can put you at risk for injury, if we know what a good sitting position is and what our body needs to maintain that position for hours at a time, that is a necessary but not sufficient skill to have to reduce the risk for injury. (The other is load management, but we will get to that in another post.) In this sitting tutorial, we are going to make sure that you know what a good sitting position feels like and gain the skills to be able to sit/stand for long periods of time with minimal pain. In addition, if you do wind up in pain with shoulders, back or neck you can try some of these exercises and hopefully that will bring you some relief. 

So, what is a good sitting position? While sitting in a chair, from the ground up, have your feet flat(ish), your knees and hips bent at 90 degrees or so and a neutral spine where the rib cage is stacked over the pelvis. For most people, a neutral spine consists of a slight concave curvature in the lower spine, a slight convex curvature in the upper spine, and a slight concave curvature in the neck.  

Over the decade I spent training others at my gym, the most common questions were: “Am I doing this correctly?” and “How do I know if I am doing this wrong?” The following exercises will help you determine just that. Each position/exercise is dependent on the skill developed in the previous step. You will notice that each position is “harder” or leveraged in a different way than the previous position. There may be many times when you blast through steps 0 and 1 in one minute. There will be other days when all you can do is lie on your back and breathe.

How far you progress each day is not important, what is important is that you maintain a position with proper belly breathing, each day.

The way these positions/exercises progress is the following:

  1. Start from the inside and work outwards. (i.e. start from roughly your center of gravity then move towards your extremities.) 
  2. Start from the ground and work towards standing
  3. Work position, movement, strength and power, in that order.

Before starting, confirm you have a good baseline exercise to use as a test. What I mean by a baseline exercise is that all other exercises should be able to be done within the context of breathing. We are going to assume ownership of a position or movement is correlated with ability to breathe into your belly while in the position or movement. Since it is so important, let’s take a minute to dial in breathing.

STEP 0 – Belly Breathing Assessment: Lay on your back, bring your feet up towards your pelvis, place your hands on your belly and then move your hands up and down using just your breath. Because your spine and head are supported by the ground, you shouldn’t have to use any other parts of your body to breathe; however, the most common “cheat” is to use the chest and/or neck to breathe.

Each of the following steps are to be done with this deep belly breathing. Follow along with the demonstrations in this video.

STEP 1 – 90/90 Breathing Assessment: While laying on your back, confirm you can be in a “sitting position” (i.e. hip(s) flexed and rib cage in line with pelvis, with back supported.)

STEP 2 – Single Leg Hip Flexion Assessment: While laying on your back, confirm you can move in and out of “sitting position” with back supported.

STEP 3 – Shin Box Assessment: Confirm that you can be in sitting position with hips in internal and external rotation. Are there any asymmetries?

STEP 4 – Toe Touch + Founder Assessment: Confirm that you can flex hips and move between a flexed and a neutral spine while standing.

The struggle is real. We have all felt the physical burden of being a creativity professional. Sitting for long hours can be rough on the back, neck and shoulder joints. I hope this post will help you start thinking of sitting as a physical activity that can be done safely with attention to position like any other physical activity. In addition, I hope this article and video can help you regain a pain-free sitting position if things go off the rails. 

ABOUT SAUL: As a past Strength Coach, Outward Bound instructor, ski coach/instructor and river guide, Saul has coached movement in one way or another for over 25 years. Over the years, Saul has refined his programming/coaching and developed The Healthy Strong Fit Method which is the foundation of his training ( While Saul loves to train athletes for sports like surfing, swimming, tennis, skiing, running, etc., he has found his niche in working with Licensed Health Care Practitioners to help injured athletes return to their passion, whether that is skiing, running or chasing their grandkids around. When he is not training athletes, Saul likes to go on skiing, biking and hiking adventures with his wife. You can reach Saul at

Membership at the Collective has it’s health PERKS, including discounted rates at The Studio and Sportswest Athletic Club! For more information, and to get your member discount codes, contact

Join Us for the Reno Collective OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, July 19, 2018

June 28, 2018 in Announcements

It’s been one year in our new location and it’s time to celebrate what makes the Reno Collective so great: COMMUNITY. Everyone is invited to join us for the RENO COLLECTIVE OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, July 19th from 4:30 – 7pm at 1515 Plumas St – corner of Plumas and Mt Rose – formerly Granny’s House Recording Studio.

Interested in seeing the space? Take a tour with one of the owners! Guests can try out our 3-D Printer in the Maker Studio or sit in the hot seat of the Podcast Studio. Both amenities are free for use with membership to the Collective, along with: a legal address that’s not your apartment, a place to meet someone you might rather not invite to your living room, and tools like erase boards and projectors.

Curious to see what exactly it is that we do here? Stop by for a beer and chat with a member about what our collaborative workspace means to them. Our members are freelancers, telecommuters, and independent workers from diverse fields including videography, photography, software development, design, business process optimization, coaching, marketing, and yes, even rocket science. The cross-pollination that occurs in this building gets us all a little closer to truly changing the world.

RSVP via Facebook or

Reno Collective is leveling up!

May 21, 2017 in Announcements

When we first opened Reno Collective at the end of 2009, we hoped that Reno’s freelancers, budding startups and remote employees would find a home with us and together build a strong community of independent workers. Fast forward to 2017 and the Reno Collective now includes creative and technical talent from just about every industry you can think of. It’s incredibly inspiring to see what our members achieve each and every day and we’re proud to work alongside them.

If you are reading this, then you have been a part of the Reno Collective community in some way. We are so thankful to have you and we want to let you in on some exciting news.

We’re leveling up! Again! We’re excited to announce Reno Collective version 4.

We Bought a Building!

We are moving to 1515 Plumas Street, on the corner of Mt Rose and Plumas. This was most recently known as Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion and previously Granny’s Recording Studio. It has quite a history and has been host to many musical guests including Dr. Dre and Eminem.

We will be closing shop down at our current location from May 27th through June 4th and reopening on June 5th in the new Reno Collective Mansion.

Studio A & What To Expect In Our New Space

As we move into this new space, we’re excited to embrace its history and restore the studios to their former glory. While we will not be operating a recording studio, Reno Collective members and the Reno community will be able to book the studios for events, meetups, classes, team retreats, performances or even music recordings.

It will have all the things our members have come to expect from working out of Reno Collective but we’re also going to be in a new part of town, have our own parking (cars and bikes!) so it’s easier for clients to find and meet with members, more conference rooms for those important meetings and did we mention you’ll be able to cowork outside? The wrap around porch is pretty sweet and you better bet that picnic table is going to get some use this summer.

Our Forever Home

While the space itself is exciting, we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to make this space our “forever home”. We were inspired by Holland Project and their efforts to secure their own building so they could secure their future as a valuable community and gathering place for Reno’s all-ages art and culture scene. Like Holland, we, too, are here to stay!

We exist to provide a place for freelancers, startups, remote employees and independent workers to work but also to cultivate a community of learners and doers. Our members learn from one another and ultimately help rise the tide for all independent workers in Reno. This happens through sharing experiences, cultivating new skills, collaborating on projects and having a space to meet new people. Having our own building allows us to focus on these things and provide a social and productive workspace for our members.

Music, Art and Technology

While we have always had a reputation for focusing on technology and software development, we are also home to many other creatives including musicians and visual artists. As we grow into our new space, we will be embracing the musical history of the building and bringing back Collective Desk Concerts!

We will also be commissioning local artists to grace our walls with stunning murals, local art and art shows. We have our eyes on some talented folks but if you are a local artist, please get in touch with us at or

New Ways to Join

With this new home, we’re going to be rolling out some new options for anyone who wants to join Reno Collective. We’re exploring new options for community members, a podcasting membership and potentially a music membership. We’ll announce more in the coming months! If you are interested in learning more about joining the Reno Collective community, let us know at

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Co-working SpaceTeam fund big data prototype prototype long shadow latte big data. Innovate affordances personas user centered design paradigm user centered design innovate quantitative vs. qualitative pivot thought leader viral paradigm cortado affordances.

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Co-working SpaceTeam fund big data prototype prototype long shadow latte big data. Innovate affordances personas user centered design paradigm user centered design innovate quantitative vs. qualitative pivot thought leader viral paradigm cortado affordances.

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