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About Us

Coworking and community


Reno Collective is a collaborative workspace

The way we work has evolved but traditional workplaces have not kept up. Freelancing, contracting, telecommuting, and remote working are all possible from anywhere in the world and have become preferred methods of working for individuals with creative and technical talent.

Reno Collective exists to allow you to work how you want, when you want. We offer you the support network needed so you don’t feel like you just jumped off the deep end. We offer you a place to work, meet new people, and collaborate with other talented people in the area.

The end of business as usual

A Community to grow by

Our community is made up of some of the best talent in their respective fields and they’re all looking to leave their own mark on the universe. Our members come from diverse fields including videography, photography, software development, design, business process optimization, coaching, marketing, and yes, even rocket science. The cross pollination that occurs in this building gets us all a little closer to truly changing the world.

Space to get things done

The Reno Collective community is built around collaboration and community but we know that you also have to get your work done too. Our space lets you get those things done, hold meetings and conferences or host an event.

Become a member and get more things done!