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Live Session 42 - How to figure out your rate as a Freelancer

Rachel Kingham
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Our community is full of inspiring and creative people in just about every industry you can imagine. Some are just starting their journey and others are masters of their craft.

  • Freelancers
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  • Designers
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  • Startup Founders
  • Solopreneurs
  • WFHers
  • Scientists, even!
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We help you get clarity

Questions about where to begin? What you should work on next? How to get that thingabob to work with the thingamajig? The Reno Collective Community can offer accountability, feedback, and answers on what to do next.

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10 years of RC
Permission to Thrive

Building up independent workers for a decade

We've been doing this for quite while in Reno and have helped thousands for members over the years. This year we all face new challenges but we can face them together.

We've taken the best parts of coworking and being a Reno Collective member and leveled it up online so you can work from anywhere.

Community of WFH, AFK, BRB

Cowork with us, virtually.

We can't wait for the day until we can safely cowork in person. Until then, let's see what good trouble we can get up to together, no matter where you are.

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